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Film of Lions for Lambs - Movie Review Example

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Ethics is generally concerned with an individual's activities and perception about morality, alongside his differentiation between right and wrong. Very often, one's perception on ethics various from that of the others', due to personal experiences, mentality, background and the influence of near and dear ones…
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Film review of Lions for Lambs
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Extract of sample "Film of Lions for Lambs"

R.Preeti 5/3/2008 ETHICS INTRODUCTION Ethics is generally concerned with an individual's activities and perception aboutmorality, alongside his differentiation between right and wrong. Very often, one's perception on ethics various from that of the others', due to personal experiences, mentality, background and the influence of near and dear ones. When we perform actions and take steps in life, we often do sit back and reflect on the ethical value of our actions. In other words, we do analyse if we are being ethical in leading our lives and sticking to what is morally right.
The movie, 'Lions for Lambs', starring Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep is a movie based on the deployment of the Army of United States in Afghanistan. The movie, apart from other things, talks about the strategy of war. The movie, most importantly, is a reflection on Ethics and Morality. This can be seen in many parts of the movie, in the form of situations, dialogues and characterization.
Republican Senator Cruise calls in for journalist Streep, to cover his new war strategy on deploying the Army in Afghanistan, to keep the United States above Muslim upsurges. However, Meryl Streep, who has covered the Vietnamese war, is quite apprehensive about the information put forth by the Senator and refuses to cover the war announcement. This is one of the junctures, where a decision is made on the basis of ethics. The journalist certainly listens to the voice of her conscience and is guided by moral code, rather than the mere sensationalism of war.
Two students from a California University decide to enroll themselves in the Army to fight the war for their country. This is because of their sheer responsibilities as citizens. This si another instance where a moral and ethical responsibility is overtaken by individualistic desires.
Another instance, is the contrasting episode of a bright student from the same university, who chooses to turn a blind eye in terms of what is happening in the country. He feels that the political system in the United States is something that has gone out of hands and believes in living his own life. This is a take on how ethical responsibilities have become a rarity.
The biggest irony, however, remains the fact that leadership is faulty. The Senator certainly only 'puts forth' strategies. He is neither worried about the lives lost in his own Army, nor is he bothered about the consequences faced by both, his Army and the opposition. Here, the ethical problem is the very delegation and complete enactment of the plan charted out, by the subordinates and not the leader, who is supposed to guide them!
In the wake of such happenings, the right thing to be done, would have been a more calculated initiative taken from the Senator's side. He should have done better than merely delegating tasks and giving orders. A realistic assessment of the lives involved and the very understanding that war is futile and nothing else, would have been the right thing to be done.
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Film Review of Lions for Lambs Movie Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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