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School Finance - Essay Example

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This journal states that finance equity is one of the key issues in educational policy for the past few decades. Many states have implemented an educational finance policies since the 1970s to adjust to the instructions brought down by the United States courts, politics and the demands of the general public…
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School Finance
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Extract of sample "School Finance"

Download file to see previous pages In fact, a 1993 circuit court of Cole County opined that "The existing school finance system does not provide an 'equal ... opportunity' for all school age children as is required by ... the Missouri Constitution" (Committee for Educational Equity v. Missouri, 1993, p. 29). As described in the decision, "various statistical measures confirm the degree and extent of these wide inequalities" (p. 13) and "All relevant standard measures of equity ... clearly and consistently indicate that Missouri funding for its public schools is highly disequalized and is getting worse" (p. 15)"(Wan Ko, 2006).This court decision instructs that the school must revise its financing policies. The court wants that school finances should be EQUALLY allocated to all children irregardless of race, religion, sex, etc. This new financing policy introduces a new hold harmless provision. Hold harmless schools clearly receive more than the normal monetary help than other schools receive. As a result, these hold harmless school districts give more accurate equity analysis for evaluating the state's policy impact. this study of the Missouri school finance system shows that there was an improvement in the Missouri school's finance equity under the new funding formula. However, there were times when financial help did not arrive as schedule or came only in trickles. One reason is that the monetary help had come from other sources and not from the newly approved funding schemes. Evidently, this article shows that schools need money in order to deliver high quality education to the students(Wan Ko, 2006).
II. A Helping Hand: A Federal Grant Program Gives School Districts the Financial Support The Need to Develop Updated, Comprehensive Disaster Plans.

The article mentions how tornadoes ravaged several towns in Missouri. The tornadoes literally scattered some elementary school buildings in the community. In Caulfied, MO, a tornado killed a seven year old girl named Elizabeth Croney. Likewise, a school in Derby, KS had to close down to allow police officers to corner and arrest an armed criminal in front the the school's premises. Many of the schools are not accustomed to confronting increasing threats from many quarters. The dangers include natural disasters, street gangs and terrorists. Many of the schools' administrators and responsible personnel underwent emergency disaster training to counter the effects of any emergency. The Department of Education's office of safe and drug -free schools spearheaded this campaign to help schools be more prepared to alleviate any emergency. In turn, the schools would be given REMS funds that would be used for the schools' disaster awareness and readiness program.
The United States government has focused on school disaster preparedness programs in response to the infamous September eleven twin tower airline hijacking incidents as well as the ramming of a commandeered passenger plane onto the Pentagon. For, "If you think back to 9/11, there were a lot of lessons learned from that incident," according to Sara Strizzi, who is a program analyst for the DoE in Washington, DC. One of those lessons was the vulnerability of K-12 campuses. "We realized that within the ground zero vicinity, there were a lot of schools close by."(Bowles, 2007). Here, the government of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...Summary of school finance Funding is important in running schools. Generally, school funding comes from a combination of income taxes, corporate taxes, sales taxes, and fees. Local districts draw its fund from property taxes. These funds are allocated on a per-pupil basis to cover each student’s education. The recession however changed all of this. With the Obama administrations “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, signed in 2009” provided more than $100 billion in education aid to offset budget cuts—and to promote Obama administration education priorities, "Race to the Top" program, which awarded money to states that committed to education policy changes. In 2011 however, the federal cash infusion ended due to the funding...
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Introduction to School Finance Systems and State School Aid Programs

Thus, a lot of community members have actively participated in the promotion of education in the state by taking their children to public schools. Besides, many have been directly involved in the running of schools by the formation, support and sustainability of Parent-Teachers’ Associations (PTAs) and local School District Boards through which they have helped in identifying and addressing various challenges facing public learning institutions within this state. Moreover, a good number of community members have financially supported these institutions.
A part from levying of fees from parents, public schools receive financial support from the government, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), faith-based organizations and ind...
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School finance

Financial resources are required in order to run schools. Funding for education varies from to as well as district to district. The has an obligation to fund education and this is mainly done through taxes. On the local level, the districts also have a duty to fund education and the funds are drawn from the taxpayer’s money. There are various obstacles that impact on the funding of education. For instance, the 2007 Global Financial Crisis negatively impacted on the funding of education in different states in the US.
There have also been challenges in funding education such as the aspect of equity among different states. Some states are wealthier than others and this has drawn the ire of other people who have filed lawsuits to...
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School Bullying: an Educational Problem

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A bully is someone who repeatedly attacks another individual who does not resist (Berger, 2006) and constantly harasses somebody else either physically or psychologically (Bosworth, Espelage, Simon, 1999). Bullying is manifested in many different ways such as physical, verbal and relational bullying (Berger, 2006). As a result of bullying, victims may experience anger, sadness, and depression which can lead to lo...
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However, contemporary analysts of corporate power contested that dominance and ownership in modern corporations have shifted to a property-less group of managers. Consequently, this current shift of power and control in large modern corporations could usher in ultimate preoccupation over profit rather than non-financial motives. Furthermore, the separation of power and ownership will lead to the destruction of the traditional legal theory of property which en...
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At one time, district boundaries lines had been drawn to establish or maintain white-non white separation. It was in the last 20 or so years that nonwhites had begun to move into several areas; Jena for one, previously p...
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Social workers are required to understand the diversity of families and help individuals and families cope with the implications and impacts of learning disabilities, physical or cognitive problems. Individual treatment may be required in a safe environment and relationship in which to deal with issues. The work of the school social worker in special education is related to a diverse number of areas, in which he/ she is required to fulfill various roles and responsibilities (Turner, 2005).

Approximately one-half of school social workers are found to be practicing with elementary school children. School social workers support and help to prevent future problems by intervening with at-risk children during elementary schoo...
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Today statistics of October 2013,  284,000 high school boys and 209,000 high school girls are playing soccer, 1 million are playing football, and 500,000 are playing basketball (“Youth Sports Statistics”).  These athletes need shoes and equipment, which are expensive.  It is no secret that under current economic condition many families are struggling to pay bills. It is as well not hard to understand that if parents are struggling to pay bills they will not be able to spend funds to pay for the items that their children need to use in sports. In 1906, a non-profit association by the name National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) was formed that now regulates athletes of different institutions inclu...
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