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Production chain in the car indusry and CSR - Essay Example

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Production chain is a step by step procedure followed to bring something in to existence, normally in the car industry it is majorly essential that, technology, resources and labour force is properly organized to ensure that a good framework is laid down for service delivery which will in turn lead to effective performance of the institution, thus minimizing the possibilities of scenarios which may prevent the organization from achieving its targets…
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Production chain in the car indusry and CSR
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Extract of sample "Production chain in the car indusry and CSR"

Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, corporate social pesponsibility is the act of a company or an organization to ensure that its activities work in a way that it benefits the society in which it surrounds. The company should also ensure that employees and customers' needs are well gathered for and as a result lead to proper relationship amongst the parties involved thus leading to a sustainable developmnent owing to the fact that each and every member of the society will be feeling considered and hence contribute to the success of the organization in whichever way possible (Bloom and Gundlach, 2001; Darren et al, 2009; Fernanda, 2006).
Since production chain should be taken as a single service delivery aimed at achieving a common goal, it should always be appropriate that all the interelated components are brought together, for instance, as a result of variation in characteristics involved in making different types of cars such as speed, capacity and modes of operation which in a way may varry according to the various operations the car undertakes(IB chamber, 2002). For instance, a heavy commercial vehicle will definitely be made in a way that it will not speed beyond a certain limit being exceeded by a small car. As a unifying factor, it is important that over time, the designing and development of processes be improved. This requires making further improvements on the existing car models. This should be done to ensure that the firm or the company maintains its customers and furthemore coming up with what the competitors in the market cannot attain. In essence, production in car industry normally requires that all the departments in an organization are involved. for instance, the purchasing department will be responsible for the acquisition of raw materials to be used in the actual making of the car, the manufacturing department will ensure that the actual car is made to work, the human resource department will make sure that the labour force is hired and its employees rights and welfare is taken into consideration, finance department is responsible for making the necessary payments to staff and further ensuring that all transactions made by the car production industry are well accounted for, sales department is accontable for all the sales, that is; making sure that the organization is able to achieve the targets as per the needs of the organization and finally the marketing department core responsibility is to ensure sustained competetiveness of the industry by making sure it sources for more markets for the products coming up from the car production industry. Taking all the departments into account, it is appropriate to employ good corporate social responsibility as this will ensure that proper morals and code of conduct are put in place and thus ensuring that no ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Production Chain in the Car Indusry and CSR Essay.
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