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A Friendship - Essay Example

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“As God could not be everywhere, so he gave each family a mother” – This is a rough translation of a tribute given to Mothers in India. However, I would like to use the same sentiments but reverse the significance when I say, “As the devil cannot be everywhere, so he gave me a friend like Robert”!
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A Friendship
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Extract of sample "A Friendship"

of Essay Academia Research Order Narrative Essay May 7, 2007 A Friendship "As God could not be everywhere, so he gave each family a mother" - This is a

rough translation of a tribute given to Mothers in India. However I would like to use the

same sentiments but reverse the significance when I say, "As the devil cannot be

everywhere, so he gave me a friend like Robert"!!! I mean, Robert in his whole life

would have never intended to be an imp; however his actions leave me no choice but to

label him with such an identity.

He claims to be a good friend of mine from childhood, but I turn around and stab

comes the dagger on my back!! I mean, for goodness sake, when the math's teacher has

asked the class, "Does anyone have a cane" (the mistaken instructor thought homework

was more important as compared to Monday night football!!!), he has to be the one to

stand up and hand over his wooden scale!!! And this is not out of spite or animosity but

because what else would a dutiful student be expected to do!!

It was not that I did not have my slice of the cake. Enough opportunities came my

way to dupe this simple, self - effacing personality. From making him believe that a

"babe" has fallen for him and is waiting for him around the block, if he were to hang

around there during the peak recreation hour, wearing a purple (yikes!!) tuxedo and

waving a fluorescent yellow scarf, to making him do all cumbersome chores by

representing them as desirable activities.

Despite the passage of time, the memories of that fateful day are still as fresh as

"dewdrops" to me. We were a medley crowd of toddlers and adolescents in our

countryside neighborhood. The ingenious artists were raring to do something extra

ordinary during the summer vacation. In my specific family, along with the three other

siblings that I had, a whole bunch of cousins were staying over for the fortnight. Sundry

plans were put forward to our elders to occupy our wayward minds but all were discarded

for being too impractical. But a negative reply from our elders could not have stopped the

"Five Find Outers" (we even had a dog like the one in the Enid Blyton books) from doing

what is expected from a healthy, robust brood like ours.

It was customary that our father would take our mother and all the other senior

relatives, over the weekend, to the town to watch movies and do shopping. The kids were

not a part of such plans for excursions because they were too many to handle and all of

them wanted a break from us towards the weekend (this was a shared sentiment between

the two parties). So we decided that it would be over such a weekend that our in-house

production of "Robin Hood- Prince of Thieves" would be organized and presented for the

whole community to watch but the twist was that it would be for a price. The whole week

went by in deciding and finalizing the script and allocating parts to the various aspiring

actors. The designated actors were given their lines to learn and the production and

directing team had decided the source of all their costumes (basically our parent's

wardrobe and the linen of the house), the makeup (again our poor mother's vanity case

was to be ransacked), stage (linen and the tool kit along with planks, nails etc from the

basement where our father worked on his hobby - carpentry), tickets (this was a

professional team but of course!), props(most of them were hand made from our arts and

craft classes) and forms of advertisement (the younger lot were trained to spread the word

around the locality as soon as the elders left for their weekly pleasure trip). We managed

to do a couple of rehearsals at the local park in the evenings without the elders getting to

know the in-depth details of the plan.

The D day arrived, full of promises and everyone had a skip in their walk. The

seniors were looking forward to their tour and we were looking forward to artistic

satisfaction (making a little money along the way added the icing to the cake!). As soon

as the last of the cars were to be seen taking the bend towards the highway, the whole of

the house went into action. Along with all of us, we had the local bunch of friends also

join our plan. That's where Robert played his part - A BIG MISTAKE!!! Somehow we

managed to override our baby sitter (our 60 year old aunt) and the younger lot took off in

all directions of the vicinity with hand-made pamphlets. The production and directing

team started with the stage set up which was to be erected on mother's local prize

winning front garden. The actors had started with their makeup and costume finalization

while rehearsing their lines. Soon curious neighbors started trickling in to check out what

was happening. And at the front gate they were welcomed by this eight year old boy, with

wonky spectacles and a big grin, who would permit entry to the purchaser of the one

dollar ticket. I am sure you know who this young lad is by now!

Everything was going in order, maybe with a few hitches like the curtain of the

stage not holding up on its own and we had to make temporary arrangements of getting

two members of the band of thieves up on chairs to hold it up manually, but then this was

all taken in good humor by the audience which was a swelling number of 25 to 30 people

already. But the gods were not with us that day, a quarter of an hour after the show

began, our parents returned back - a whole 3 hours earlier than expected!!!. It seemed that

the town was not attractive enough for our mother that day and she had wished to return

back as the sun was too hot. On arriving at their front gate, they are surprised to see more

than two dozens of people trampling across the award - winning tulips in their garden.

Over and above that shock, there is this young lad who is holding guard over their

front gate. On approaching him, Robert engrossed in his money counting, points towards

the "One dollar entry , per person", placard and places his expectant hand forward for the

price of entryYikes!!!

With a friend like Robert, does anybody need any enemy Read More
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