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The Final End Of The Wicked by Edward Fudge - Book Report/Review Example

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During the years 1971-1984, the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society published three scholarly articles by Edward Fudge. This purpose here is to evaluate the theological method of the biblical hermeneutic of the evangelical conditionalist Edward William Fudge and to analyze the Hermeneutics of Annihilationalism.His exegesis has triggered various critical responses of late.
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The Final End Of The Wicked by Edward Fudge
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Extract of sample "The Final End Of The Wicked by Edward Fudge"

Download file to see previous pages the final judgment.He skillfully challenges the traditionalist view of eternal torment with the evrlasting extinction of the soul.
Christians since the third century have held three major opinions concerning the final destiny of the wicked. As to what earlier Christians believed on this subject, that is part of the controversy. Traditionalists say that those who enter hell will there suffer unending conscious torment forever and ever. This, they claim, is the only proper interpretation of the phrase "eternal punishment," which we have from the very mouth of Jesus (Mt. 25:46) Agreed that those who go to hell may suffer conscious pain of whatever degree and duration God may justly determine. But in the end, the conditionalist say, the wicked will be consumed entirely and be no more. This is punishment since it is neither accidental nor self-imposed but is the penal sentence handed down at God's great Judgment Day. Fudge feels that the three traditionalist premises mentioned are fake and beyond authentication.
However, Traditionalists offer two chief reasons for their belief that the wicked will suffer conscious pain forever. In the Old Testament it is said the wicked will become like a vessel broken to pieces (Ps 2:9), an everlasting spectacle of indestructible material (soul) in an unending fire. But, in principle God may annihilate a soul which was previously created immortal.Here we agree with Fudge'interpretation.Therefore; such an idea presented by Fudge cannot be conceded to. In the New Testament, the words "immortal" and "incorruptible" describe the resurrection bodies of the "resurrected saints" (emphasis added). They will enjoy life without "degeneration" in a body "incapable of death.". "Immortal" and "incorruptible" describe the resurrection bodies of the saved. But where does Scripture ever hint that the "wicked" will also be raised immortal or incorruptible
The traditionalist's second major argument is historical in nature. During the time between the testaments the idea of hell as a place of everlasting conscious torment developed out of Old Testament roots. And by the time of Jesus, he says, this understanding was "the accepted Jewish view." Since Jesus did not directly contradict this perception, traditionalists argue, he must have approved of it as well. We should therefore read Jesus' words with this understanding in mind. Conditionalist like to make their point by simply lining up in long rows the very words and expressions Old and New Testament writers use to describe the final end of the lost. As to the terms found in the Gospels - Gahanna, the undying worm, the unquenchable fire, and the weeping and grinding of teeth - the conditionalist urges us to observer how the same expressions are commonly used in the Old Testament. We will be absolutely ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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