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Personal Statement for UC - Admission/Application Essay Example

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I have often been asked about my ambition to major in Economics at the University of California. The question is usually; Why Economics and why UC I answer that my interest in business comes from my father who owns several retail stores. Also, my family has a long tradition of attending UC, as I have an uncle and an aunt who are both alumni…
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Personal Statement for UC
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Extract of sample "Personal Statement for UC"

Personal ment I have often been asked about my ambition to major in Economics at the of California. The question is usually; Why Economics and why UC I answer that my interest in business comes from my father who owns several retail stores. Also, my family has a long tradition of attending UC, as I have an uncle and an aunt who are both alumni. While I worked with my father as a teenager, I came to enjoy the many factors that influence business and have learned a lot from my family. Though I have a natural ability to be analytical, they have taught me that business also encompasses philosophy, the arts, and science. Without these added dimensions that I have come to appreciate, business would be no more than some form of mathematical exercise and I too would wonder why I am interested in Economics.
Through my high school years, my parents encouraged me to participate in volunteer work in the community. As a member of Project Quest, I was required to complete a variety of community service projects. One of my most memorable experiences was working with the Tri-City Homeless Coalition, where I was awarded my Service Certificate. I developed a deeper understanding of our neighbors who are faced with temporary financial difficulties. Through the Quest program I also acquired some valuable experience working as a volunteer at Millard Elementary School. I gained a greater appreciation for the art of teaching and was thankful that I had an opportunity to assist the school in their goal of teaching tomorrow's university students. I hope to build on these activities and find new ways to assist the local area as a student at UC. This is an ideal opportunity to bring about more cooperation among the different cultures and segments of our society.
Having lived in Hong Kong as a child, I can fully appreciate the aspects of the different cultures that make up our country. When I moved here at age 14, I was at first reluctant to leave Hong Kong. However, after a short time I grew to enjoy the many freedoms that this country offers and treasure the liberty that some people take for granted. The history of the United States is of great interest to me, as is the complex political system. I can bring this interest, and knowledge of Hong Kong, to my classmates and widen their experience through conversation and discussion.
I would also be a very active student. I have played sports all my life and there is almost no sport I will not try. I played high school basketball and was on the track and field team. I was fortunate to earn two gold medals for my performance in the 400-meter relay. I was also awarded the silver medal for team basketball. I jog regularly to stay fit and enjoy playing casual team sports such as badminton and volleyball.
My goal for the future is to continue to pursue my education and use it to improve the quality of my life as well as the people I come in contact with. An education is a many faceted endeavor that encompasses not only a course of study, but also the study of people. It is an experience that teaches us to get along, to share, and to create new ways to improve the world that we live in. That is what I hope to gain from my experience at UC. In return I can give the students and faculty the benefit of my unique knowledge and perspective, and the hope that they can grow with me. Read More
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