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Explaining Hardware - Essay Example

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Questionnaires. There a form can be made which will make the entries safe, preventing the fields from unauthorized persons. This method would also be suitable considering the fact that the questions would be asked from number of persons and their details would also have to be maintained…
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Explaining Hardware
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Extract of sample "Explaining Hardware"

Download file to see previous pages This method would be fast and also would help maintain the records of the candidates who had participated in the survey.
3) Bank Checks: Bank Checks are fed into the accounting software of the Bank mainly by the forms. These softwares maintain the accounts as well as the database of the customers. This method permits the checks to be allocated directly into the customer's accounts. At the same time since the operator feed the data by filling the forms, the inner system of fields remains intact.
4) Retail Tags: These tags can be input by a simple word processor like MS Word or Open Office Write software. The A4 paper can used, on which at a time number of tags can be put depending upon their size. This method would be fast and save a lot of paper.
5) Long Documents: The Word Processor software like MS Word or Open Office Writer can best do data input for the long documents. With these methods we can do lot of formatting as well and the files can be stored easily not only on the hard disk but also on the external storage device.
1) Hand held computer: The output from the hand held computers would be more obtained in a better manner by transferring the data from hand held computer to the desktop or the laptop. This method permits us to choose amongst the wide range of the printers available in the market. Also some output can be obtained on the monitor itself.
4) Memorandum: For memos dot-matrix pr...
3) Resume: Resume can be easily and cheaply obtained on both the inkjet as well as the laser printer. Since it consists of only typed matter, with limited matter any of the methods can be used.
4) Memorandum: For memos dot-matrix printer would be more suitable. In these printers there is good facility of adjusting the paper sizes. Also paper roll can be put, thus making memo printing very fast.
5) Statistical Report: It can be best obtained by the bigger Dot printer. Its printing cost is quiet cheap and bigger papers can be printed
6) Company Annual Report: Laser printer would be more suitable in this case. Its printing is quiet cheap and fast. Even bulk printing would be affordable.
Situations appropriate for the following devices:
1) Hard Disk: Hard disk is required in all computers and in all situations. Hard disks have capacity of storing large amounts of data and its speed is also fast. In our regular work we handle large amounts of data, which need to be stored. Also apart from the system software lots of other software has to be stored hence hard disk is necessary in all situations.
2) Floppy Disk: This is used when data is transferred from one computer to the other computer. However their capacity is limited and are less reliable. Hence these are being replaced by the pen drives.
3) RAM: RAM is compulsorily required in all computers as it stores the data on which we are working. Without RAM we would not be able to work on any files.
4) CDROM: CDROM can carry large amounts of data on a small disk hence it is widely used in almost all situations for storing data.
5) Tape: Magnetic tapes are used for storing audio and video files. These tapes can be easily played in video shooting cameras also.
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Explaining Hardware Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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