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Why you want to attend the BIEM program - Admission/Application Essay Example

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I am on the lookout for a stream in commerce where it will be possible for me to study and understand the complexities of doing trade and commerce in today's fast moving global scenario where economies keep changing and even turning topsy-turvy in spite of the best calculations due to some reason or the other, such as the fears that the United States is in the throes of yet another recession now.
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Why you want to attend the BIEM program
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Extract of sample "Why you want to attend the BIEM program"

Titus Rock Manickam Order No. 201839 17 January 2008 Why do I want to attend the BIEM program I am on the lookout for a stream in commerce where it will be possible for me to study and understand the complexities of doing trade and commerce in today's fast moving global scenario where economies keep changing and even turning topsy-turvy in spite of the best calculations due to some reason or the other, such as the fears that the United States is in the throes of yet another recession now.
I have every reason to believe that my search has successfully led me to the right place in Bocconi University.
The BIEM program being provided at Bocconi is a powerful discipline in European and international economies and management. Bocconi University is one of the best in Europe and enjoys the enviable reputation as the Harvard of Europe recognized for its longstanding traditional commitment to educational and ethical values of the highest order.
Situated in Milan, Italy, which also happens to be one of Europe's premium financial hubs, Bocconi is my ideal preference not only because of its premium reputation but also due to its rich reservoir and proximity to first hand information about the latest theories and practice in the fields of economy and management. With its knowledge resources and experience and testimonies from faculty and students, there could be no reason to second guess its credibility and claims.
Competition in education as well as business demands the best talents and commitment. It also rewards the best performance and opens new avenues to those on the move in the belief that the best is yet to come. It is obvious that systems, methodologies and technologies of today do not enjoy the benefits of long lives as they used to do in the bygone days. The challenges and expectations being witnessed today due to novel discoveries and inventions are mind boggling. They do not allow anyone to rest on laurels. They have become very matter of fact and business like.
I am aware of the need to keep abreast with the latest facts and figures in every field to stay on top. For this purpose it is not enough to do ones best as it is also necessary to stay connected with the right institutions and sources.
As a student of commerce and industry with tremendous zeal to secure the best understanding of economy and management, I am naturally inclined to seek admission in Bocconi. I feel there could not be a better place where I could be assured of systematic, student-oriented study inputs, tension-free knowledge enhancing ambience, and sound foundation for a promising career or higher studies in future.
I have seen through the three years and six semesters study curriculum in the brochure provided by Bocconi and accept the full program structure. As my educational records will prove, my performance has been consistently very good and I intend to do my best to continue with peak performance in the entire duration of my tenure with Bocconi. I feel glad to repose my faith in Bocconi where I know the efforts of every hard-working student have always yielded very fruitful results.
Bachelor Programs in Economics and Business, 2008-2009, 201839_BOCCONI_Bachelor&Law.20071205.124857 (Biem).pdf. Read More
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