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The 15th century Le Morte Darthur written by Sir Thomas Malory, is possibly the most powerful Arthurian book printed in English 'The Round Table' as described in the story, is the place where knights are gathered and provided with rewards and punishments as per their performance and loyalty…
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Le Morte Darthur by Sir Thomas Malory
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"Medieval Literature" The 15th century Le Morte Darthur written by Sir Thomas Malory, is possibly the most powerful Arthurian book printed in English 'The Round Table' as described in the story, is the place where knights are gathered and provided with rewards and punishments as per their performance and loyalty. This round table was gifted to Arthur on the occasion of his marriage with Guinevere, by the nobleman Guinevere's father. The round table had place for 150 knights. Guinevere's father also sent 100 knights along with the round table. For the remaining 50 places, Arthur with the help of Merlin chose 50 more knights whom he found loyal, courageous and brave. There was a special seat for the leader knight, who was to direct the quest for the 'Holy Grail'. The special place was named as 'siege perilous' and Galahad occupied that place.
The round table was disintegrated despite of its importance for the knights and the kingdom due to different reasons. The first reason was the exposure of the love affair between Lancelot and Guinevere. Lancelot was a devoted and loyal knight and was deeply in love with Guinevere, Arthur's wife. the most persuasive speech about the relationship which is between Gwenyvere and Lancelot can be observed in the words of La Beale Isode while speaking to Palomides: "and there recommaunde me unto Quene Gwenyvere and tell herthat I sende her worde that there be within this londe but four lovers,and that is Sir Launcelot and Dame Gwenyver, and Sir Trystramesand Quene Isode" (p. 267). Their love was not hidden from anyone and this was a shame for the king and his fellowmen. After coming to know about this affair, Arthur's attitude towards both of them changed and he no longer trusted them. The second reason was the quest for the Holy Grail, in which many knights shed their lives. The third reason was the Mordred disloyalty and betrayal. Mordred (Arthur's son by Lot's wife) tried to takeover the control of the empire.
However the memories of the round table are preserved as the part of middle age English literature. A replica of 'The Round table" is placed at Winchester Castle situated in England.
The story of Camelot and people associated with it is of great importance and known for the brilliance of works done by many authors and poets since years. It is the tragic story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Camelot has historical significance as it was the most celebrated castles in the Arthurian legends and became the most important place for the meetings and celebrations of the king and his fellowmen.
Camelot fell apart due to the reason of dispute among Arthur and Lancelot and the conspiracies of Mordred. It caused a great harm to the King's reputation and as Mordred was conspiring against King he provoked the King to take some action against Lancelot. The king was ignoring Lancelot and Guinevere's affair in order to save the kingdom from destruction. The continuous provocation of Mordred and stress on Arthur ended up in the misery of Camelot. The end of the Camelot was tragic as Arthur takes Mordred life but is fatally injured by him, as Merlin has foretold.
Launcelot and Guinevere both depart their lives of ill health shortly after the demise of King Arthur. In this way the Round Table and Camelot come to an end.

Malory, Thomas, and Philip Madoc. Le Morte D'Arthur = The Death of Arthur. Naxos AudioBooks, 1900. Read More
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