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Steering Commitee - Essay Example

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The steering committee for the implementation of a new information system at the Red Wine Company will be responsible for all aspects of the new system. It will be composed of members from the information department who have an understanding of the requirements of the company as well as suitable solutions to their existing problems…
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Steering Commitee
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Extract of sample "Steering Commitee"

Steering Committee The steering committee for the implementation of a new information system at the Red Wine Company will be responsible for all aspects of the new system. It will be composed of members from the information department who have an understanding of the requirements of the company as well as suitable solutions to their existing problems. It will also require members that are familiar with finance and budgetary requirements. The steering committee will guide the initial analysis of the problems and suggest recommended solutions. It will create a mission statement that reflects the goals of the entire company to act as guidance throughout the project (Keever). .
The steering committee is composed of the "critical stakeholder groups (those most impacted by the objectives of the project) in the overall governance of the project" ("Forming a Project Steering Committee"). Once the steering committee had identified the problems, groups and sub-committees can be formed to address the individual issues that face Red Wine. A working group that can address the overall requirements of the system can design an integrated functional and communicative arrangement. One of the problems facing Red Wine is the fact that there are several departments all competing for scarce resources. This has mandated that they take independent actions and have reduced the possibility of maximizing computer resources or the ability to communicate from department to department. It would be the responsibility of the steering committee to alleviate this lack of communication.
Once the system is designed as a workable solution, other workgroups can be assigned to take care of the installation and implementation. One consideration is the programming. A workgroup, working under the steering committee, would be responsible for the coding and debugging of the system. In addition, this workgroup would need to make arrangements to see that the implementation was workable from the standpoint of programming.
Another workgroup, user support, would ensure that the system was usable and functional from a user's standpoint. Will it accomplish what the users need to do Will the appropriate departments have access to the databases that they require Does the user design and interface fit in with the organizational structure If the organization is based on a team concept, the users may require more control or access to data than in a bureaucratic environment. These issues would be resolved by a workgroup in the steering committee. On going technical support functions will also need to be arranged for and delegated by the steering committee. Technical support would be responsible for user education as well as the on going expansion and upgrading of the system.
Each of these workgroups with their diverse functions would report regularly to the steering committee regarding progress and problems. In addition, they would be responsible for producing any required reports that may involve deadlines or financial considerations. Above all, it is important for each group to communicate regularly with the steering committee to give them the information necessary to coordinate the activities of all the functional components of the committee. The ultimate responsibility for success or failure will rest on the ability of the committee to plan, delegate responsibility, and monitor progress toward meeting and fulfilling their mission statement.
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