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Sexual Harassment - Essay Example

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Sexual harassment is any case of unsolicited behavior that comes in many forms that is sexually offensive to the person that experiences it. Less focus is usually given to young women especially at school because they are less vigilant regarding this issue…
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Sexual Harassment
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Extract of sample "Sexual Harassment"

Download file to see previous pages The aim of this study is to present scenario of the sexual harassment that occurs in the school environment. This stirs great concern because approximately 81 percent of students experience any form of sexual harassment during their stay in school and 27 percent repeatedly encounters such situations. These students may encounter harassment from other students, which comprise 85% of the student while 40 percent from the teachers and other personnel of the school ("Sexual Harassment Information for Teens" 2006).
Sexual harassment is one issue that has a subjective definition. Its meaning varies on the context of different groups, organizations or bodies that implement sanction against harassment. To this effect, teens and adults encounters confusion on the grounds of sexual harassment, thus, they may not voice out such experiences ("Every Teen Counts" 1997). As quoted on the study conducted by Susan Strauss, according to the National Advisory Council on Women's Educational Programs sexual harassment is any action that attacks the sexuality and the sexual aspect or a person acquired with the emphasis on the authority over students that can hindrance the development of full potential and capabilities (1993).
Some forms of sexual harassment that female students encounter may include having physical contact, making sexual comments, receiving unwanted communications and indecent propositions. Physical contact can occur in different ways like grabbing or holding sensitive areas of the body and kissing against the will. Giving offensive names, starting rumors or sexual jokes about a person along with bad gestures are forms of sexual harassment. Also, any form of communication that is not welcomed, which may be hostile or distressing to the recipient, is considered as sexual harassment. This may include calls, letters and any form of stalking. Another action that is considered as harassment is indecent proposals. For students, this usually comes in the form of higher grade or academic standing in exchange for sexual favors ("Sexual Harassment Information for Teens" 2006). A survey of the American Association of University Women on 1993, whose results were quoted by Kathryn Wells Murdock and David Kysilko in their research, other forms of sexual harassment in school includes any actions that assault the sexuality of a student. Oftentimes, being called gay or lesbian, and other acts of gender-related public humiliation toward same or opposite sexes are included in the grounds for sexual harassment. More than half of the respondent students, 66% were victims of sexually-offensive jokes or actions, which are frequently considered as harmless stunts. This is a misconception because it leaves marks on the victim's personality (1998).
Effects of Sexual Harassment
Being the object of sexual harassment causes changes in a person's physical and emotional well-being. Effects can be observed in the significant changes in the behavior of a victim of sexual harassment. Some of the indications include self-consciousness, lost of self-esteem, depression and anger towards the attacker. With regards to emotional aspect, female students have more observable indications of sexual harassment experiences compared to male students, although the percentage of the female and the male students that experiences harassment is almost the same. Physical indications ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sexual Harassment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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Sexual Harassment of the law, maintenance of a national clearing house for information respecting denials of equal protection of the law and investigation of patterns or practices of fraud or discrimination in the conduct of Federal elections. (The Masschusetts Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights pp. 3-5) What is sexual harassment in employment? Sexual harassment is a situation where an unwanted attention of a sexual behavior occurs in the process of working or seeking work and hence threatens the ability of an individual to earn a living. . (The Masschusetts Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights pp. 3-5) Is it a...
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...was not effective due to inaccessibility and ignorance on the content of the policy. The findings faulted the university unpreparedness to deal with the aftermath of sexual harassment and also the inadequacy that was noted in terms of practices and the resourcefulness of the university to deal with sexual harassment. The research recommended the increase avenues of accessing the policy documents, the creation of awareness and major changes like including gender studies as a common unit in the university. The study also recommended that the university to improve the quality of the reporting of sexual harassment to the form that could be...
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... welfare programmes and specific services for child abuse, must be invested to remedy particular problems. More generally a society that does not invest in adequate and appropriate welfare programmes undercuts the very conditions that allow for the constitution of the child and the development of childhood. A society that condemns child abuse while cutting back on welfare programmes is generating a social and political fault line of major proportions. It is engaged in a deep and irreconcilable contradiction that can only end at best in tears and at worst in something far more terrible. Women in the Workplace Men as well as women can experience sexual harassment, and women as well as men can be guilty of it. Male-instigated, heterosexual...
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...-cut procedures for overcoming this kind of violence. “Awareness of the rights of female employees in this regard should be created in particular by prominently notifying the guidelines (and appropriate legislation when enacted on the subject) in a suitable manner.” (Sinha, n.d). Sexual harassment in workplace is most complicated factor of employment law. Today, all over the world, there are laws and policies to protect female workers from sexual harassment. Globalization has increased employment opportunities for the women workers. Now-a-days woman is playing a significant role in organizational achievements; increasing participation of women in the work environment is today’s trend. At the same time, women are facing various harassments...
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