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YouTube Video Sharing - Essay Example

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YouTube Video Sharing.
To those individuals who are avid-viewers of a particular television program such Big Brother, failure to watch their favorite contestant perform on a crucial "elimination night" could be frustrating…
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YouTube Video Sharing
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Extract of sample "YouTube Video Sharing"

Download file to see previous pages has been the leader in Internet video search. This video entertainment site has been in operation for only a year but it has already become the most favorite video-sharing site, dislodging News Corp.'s MySpace, Yahoo, Microsoft's MSN, Google and AOL. This is the very reason why the onset You Tube, the very processes and legal aspects related to video sharing through You Tube is worth studying.

Youtube serves as a quick entertainment break especially for viewers who have broadband connections at work or home. Youtube, whose original creators were students, however, is mostly popular among teens. It is said that more 100 million videos-usually short, homemade, comic videos created by users--are being seen on Youtubue every day. The record high was reported in June when an estimated 2.5 billion videos were watched on this site.

Next to video lovers, online video advertisers, for sure, are the ones who are excited about the popularity of Youtube and other online video sites nowadays. With Youtube, the potential for online video advertising has become bigger. It was reported that online advertisements were the fastest-growing part of the $521-billion advertising market last year.

Hence, web articles and peer reviewed journals published written and published from the year 2000 to the present are the most useful resources that can be acquired when writing about this topic. This is because You Tube was established along with the booming information technology and widespread use of internet, hence the coming of the 21st century will be the best possible years to looks for.
The Form and the Medium
Since a single click to see a video on Youtube can easily be counted, it also has become easier for companies to exactly track how many people are interested in their product. This, plus the fact that content providers and marketers could get instant recognition around the globe when they advertise their products online, is what attracts advertisers to put their money on online video advertising.
Seeing the potential for increasing its revenues in Internet ads, web search leader Google Inc. recently bought Youtube for $1.65 billion in stock. This is so far the biggest price paid for a consumer-generated media site. Analysts said the acquisition would help Google compete in video search, an area where it has been weak.
US Internet search giant Yahoo Inc., meanwhile, recently launched a video-sharing service in a move to capitalize on the trend being blazed by YouTube. The new video service's design is similar to that of Youtube, only that it has the capability to stream video which users can link their favorite footage to personal Web pages.
This paper would try to compare the different video sharing facilities presented in the internet - such as the You tube, the Google and the Yahoo movies/video sharing. This will try to analyze the different factors why these forms of media are now becoming one of the most popular channel to advertise and/or market a product or service and equally powerful in disseminating information to.
More so, in lieu of my final essay related to advertising, I will try to conceptualize different video advertisements (ranging from 1-5) for a varied number of products and services. These video ad concepts will have to be align with the effective and affective advertisements concepts (which will also be studied).
Relevance to the Discipline
The success of Youtube has been mired with controversies. For one, Youtube and other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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YouTube Video Sharing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“YouTube Video Sharing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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