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Music Questions - Essay Example

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Stylistic Characteristics: Nationalism, Greek Mythology, German Myth, Exoticism, Basso

Continuo, Chamber Orchestra, naturalness, Monody, Recitative, Verismo, bel canto,

castrato, leit motif, libretto composer and singer, composer and librettist, syncopation,

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Music Questions
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Extract of sample "Music Questions"

Music Questions Page of 3 Music 101 ___________________ Final Exam ____________________ Match the Composer Example: Purcell, Didoand Aenaes Basso Continuo, Chamber orchestra Baroque opera
Period: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary
1. Country composer is from B. Name Musical Works C. Period this composer wrote
Characteristics of Music
Works: Characteristics Historical Period
I. Bernstein dance to tell the story West Side Story Contemporary
II. Gershwin Recitative Porgy and Bess Contemporary
III. Mozart _Chamber orchestra Don Giovanni, Classical
IV. Ellington jazz, dance syncopation Sophisticated Lady Contemporary
V. Verdi musical drama Il Trovatore, Romantic
VI. Menotti libretto Amahl and the night Visitors Contemporary
VII. John Adams large orchestra Nixon in China Contemporary

VIII. Wagner leit motif The Ring Cycle Romantic
IX. Bizet musical drama Carmen Romantic
X. Samuel Barber Brass and Woodwinds Vanessa Contemporary
XI. Peri composer and singer Dafne Renaissance & Baroque
Select from the list below
Baroque Period, Classical Period, Romantic Period, Contemporary Period
Stylistic Characteristics: Nationalism, Greek Mythology, German Myth, Exoticism, Basso
Continuo, Chamber Orchestra, naturalness, Monody, Recitative, Verismo, bel canto,
castrato, leit motif, libretto composer and singer, composer and librettist, syncopation,
dissonance, Madame Butterfly Carmen, Tosca, Il Trovatore, Messiah, Opera Seria,
Camerata, jazz, dance, popular styles, Brass and Woodwinds, large orchestra, Overture,
Castrati Dramatic Voices, Spoken dialogue, no recitative, recitative and aria, musical
drama, musical theater, jazz, syncopation, use of folk musical styles (spiritual), dance to
tell the story, bel canto Works West Side Story, Amahl and the Night Visitors, Vanessa,
The Ring Cycle, Nixon in China, Telephone, Don Giovanni, The Ring Cycle, Dafne, Porgy
and Bess, Medium, Sophisticated Lady, Il Trovatore, Madame Butterfly, Dr. Atomic,
Carmen Carmen
Page 2 of 3
Select from the list given on page 1
1. Composer was born in Germany __ Johann Sebastian Bach
2. Composer was French but wrote an opera with libretto by Daponte - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
3. This composer wrote an opera about a sassy Spanish gypsy _ Turina, Joaquin
4. This composer was nationalistic and wrote operas about injustice _________
5. This composer though he was from Italy wrote operas in English. He wrote an opera about a crippled boy Gian Carlo Menotti
6. This composer wrote about a Magic Flute. _ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
7. This composer was also a baritone _Samuel Osborne Barber (1910 - 1981)
8. Name 2 operas written by John Adams On the Transmigration of Souls (2002; Pulitzer Prize), and Nixon in China (1987)
9. A male soprano during the Baroque era who sang females roles was called _--Radu Marian
10 Name a short opera written by Menotti __Amahl and the night Visitors (short Christmas Opera)
11. Period when the Church was the ruling power __Baroque Era
12. Who wrote an opera about Don Juan _Mozart
13. The Camerata were a group of thieves that stole opera from Italy in the 17th Century _False
True or False
1. Timbre means the quality of the sound - True
2. Tessitura is the natural range of a voice - True
3. The word spinto indicates a very small lyric voice - True
4. The word soubrette indicates a large dramatic voice - False
5. The role of Carmen is considered a Soprano Voice type
6. Leontyne Price was a famous Contralto - False
7. Recitative is semi sing dialogue in an opera - True
8. Oratorio are costumed and stage works based on stories from the Bible - True
9. Leonard Bernstein wrote Sophisticated Ladies - False
10. Samuel Ramey is a famous operatic Bass - True
11. June Anderson is a famous operatic Coloratura Soprano - True
12. West Side Story introduced dance as an important part of telling the story - True
Page 3 of 3
Match the aria, song or style to the composer
13. Glitter and be Gay was written by -------------Bernstein
A. Bernstein B. Gershwin C. Ellington D. Mozart
14. Dr. Atomic was written by--------- John Adams
A. Bernstein B. Menotti C. John Adams D. Samuel Barber
15. West Side Story is an example of----------- Musical Theater
A. Popular music B. Musical Theater C. Opera D. Ballet
16. Opera Buffa was a style which indicated ------------Comic
A. Comic B. Serious C. Operetta
17. Barbara Hendricks is a well known ---------------Soprano
A. Mezzo Soprano B. Soprano C. Contralto
18. The term accelerando means to ------------------Get Faster
A. Go slower B. Stay the same tempo C. Get Faster
19. What were the major differences between Carmen and Carmen Jones:
Carmen - (1) Romantic (2) Comic Opera By Bizet (3) French
Carmen Jones - (1) Contemporary (2) Broadway Musical (3) English Read More
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Music Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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