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Marine Smith Electronics and Boat Repair - Case Study Example

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Marine Smith electronics and boat repair is a new organization that offers a complete range of electronics and repair services to the Orange country. It has planned to grow in business with outstanding sales in the next 3 years. Orange country having a number of beaches and a vast coastline is a prosperous market for the company…
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Marine Smith Electronics and Boat Repair
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Extract of sample "Marine Smith Electronics and Boat Repair"

Download file to see previous pages Customer loyalty and commitment is important for us. Marine Smith has a lot of competition however it is ready to compete ahead and differentiate itself by offering hassle free but a full stocked repair. The customers will be provided with guaranteed boat repair in least possible time. We will have a customer oriented focus on the business; our employees are trained and are held responsible for providing superior services, developing a long lasting trust bond with the customer. This is important because in electronic and boat repair business trust and honest counts more then image of repair facilities.
We will focus on both upper and lower class but few of our item prices will be more as depending upon its standard and quality. Marine Smith electronics and boat repair will stand against the barriers and remove them as time passes and the company grows, we expect the business to prosper in the next 3 years.
MarineSmith Electronics and Boat Repair will provide electronics and boat repair services to all of Orange County. MISSION STATEMENT
Our goal is to successfully penetrate the Orange County market and secure a loyal customer base that recognizes MarineSmith as the leader in Electronics and Boat Repair. ...
Our objective is to have at least 95% customer satisfaction in the areas of honesty, reliability, and quality workmanship. Business philosophy is that for the first time we will provide quality workmanship. PRODUCT MARKET AND INDUSTRY

Based on our plan we have decided to increase our net profits likewise. The total registered boats in Orange country are 4684 and there usage is divided as in chart
Most of the boats are used in recreational activities and so our main focus will be on this area. Our services would be marketed towards boat owners, and being famous for tourism with around 45 million international and domestic tourist (Anaheim Orange country), it has a bright market and loyal customers in the country.
Marine smith electronics and boat repair is a new company and is a limited liability corporation. The economic growth of the last several years has resulted in increased disposable income. Many people have chosen to spend part of their increased income on their recreational activities. As a result, the need for reliable and convenient repair services has substantially risen as well. Marine Smith will position itself to capitalize on the growing need of the middle and upper class market for quality services in the Orange country. The company will be owned by Mr. Slaurie Smith. The initial startup cost would be as follows, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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