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Rhetorical Analysis: Do violent video games lead to real violence - Essay Example

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The author of this research selected an article for this paper related to video games` effect on children written by Julia Layton entitled “Do violent video games lead to real violence?”. By analysing the article, author represents his thoughts on the theme…
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Rhetorical Analysis: Do violent video games lead to real violence
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Extract of sample "Rhetorical Analysis: Do violent video games lead to real violence"

Download file to see previous pages The author of this article, Julia Layton, is a writer, who completed her bachelor` s degree in English at Duke University and upholds a degree in professional creative writing from the University of Miami. Layton is a credible writer; she includes authentic examples and findings of researchers to compose an effective and authentic piece of writing (Layton, 2012). Her article about effects of violent game on children`s behavior includes evidence from various case studies and findings of the National Institute of Media and Family along with some other media sources, such as news channels. Layton has the target audience of sensible younger kids who are addicted to playing fighting games, and parents who seem unaware of the diverse influences of action video games (Layton, 2012). As it is not easy to convince parents and other practitioners to agree to factual points, she provided witnesses and survey findings of some good researches. She made particular rhetorical choices while putting an argumentative discussion between psychologists who believed that video games are harmful for younger children, and critics who claim that violent actions of children emerge from various distinguishing factors. The most influencing rhetoric choice made by the author in the text is information about the bond between violent video games and children`s aggressive acts in real life (Layton, 2012). Layton included the case study of an 18-year old youngster named Devin Moore. He had been imprisoned for killing a cop, who had arrested him as a suspect for car theft. However, when Moore was brought to the police station, he stole a police gun, shot the officer, stole the car keys and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...(Kutner 243). Most studies in the discipline focus on the role of violent video games in shaping individual’s attitude towards acts of violence. It is a contradiction that violent video games addicts do not commit real violence. In fact, all the recent cases of shooting rampage have a political or social motivation Flew (Terry and Humphreys 211). Police are currently investigating the Colorado incident to unearth the motives behind the killings. However, other cases such as the Oslo shootings had a political motivation. For instance, Breivick complained that Norway was...
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...” (Signorielli, 2005, p. 36). To make the matter worse the recent technology has option of the player personalizing the game as the players can scan the pictures of people they know and paste them on the potential victims in the game character. With this kind of technology incorporated in the violent video games the teenagers are bound to indulge in violent behavior as the chances are high that they will implement the same actions perceived in the video game in the real world (Signorielli, 2005, p. 36) Video games of the first generation incorporated...
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...). The argument is that they do aid in emotional balance where they are able to cope with violence that might characterize live incidences. This is especially in the competition settings where they ought to beat all the odds and emerge victors. Since, their challengers constitute mere people like them and are in the same, predicaments besides environment or competing stage (Craig & Karen 785). However, this might bear some truth, but it immensely relies on individuals’ maturity beside mental capacity control especially among the adults. Since, they are able to tell which trait to adopt from the games, hence turning to a benefit to them contrary to youngsters who may lack that...
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...and learning process reasons. But, it also may make violent video games even more hazardous than violent television or cinema. Second, the arrival of a new generation of ultraviolent video games beginning in the early 1990s and continuing unabated to the present resulted in large numbers of children and youths actively participating in entertainment violence that went way beyond anything available to them on television or in movies. Recent video games reward players for killing innocent bystanders, police, and prostitutes, using a wide range of weapons including guns, knives, flame...
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...the violent video games they do not even learn how they should learn to leave peacefully with the members of the society. As a result of this, even in their adult life they do not even know how to solve conflicts once they arise leading to misunderstanding among the members of the society. Children may always think that violence is the acceptable way of life (Jamieson, Patrick & Daniel 120). Video games do not teach the children moral consequences. For instance, once they shot a person while playing the games they do not receive death...
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...Violent Video Games The increasing influence of globalization is coupled with technological advancement. This means thatthe social structure of the world is equally changing with a great shift in the young generation’s entertainment. There is an increasing focus of the young generation in video games which coincidentally is violent. The effect of this in their social life is of significant impact in the overall society. The perpetuity of the community is dependent on sound development of the young generation in their moral life. It is important to note that besides social networking sites, violence video...
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... (University of Toronto) evaluated the research on violent video games in 2001. That was a meta-analysis in order to test the validity of all the research done up to that time. One of his conclusions is the following: "There is not the slightest evidence that playing violent video games causes any long-term or lasting increase in aggressiveness or violence. There is very little relevant research, and no longitudinal studies that might show such effects. It may well be that further research will indicate that playing violent video games is harmful. For the moment, however, there is no such work and no scientific reason to believe that violent video games have bad effects on children or on adults, and certainly none to indicate... , is that...
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...Introduction The youth in the United s between the ages of 8 and 18 years spend 40 hours per week using some form of media. There is a strong notion that violence in the media supports aggressive behavior but there is continuing debate over the extent to which violence is associated with playing video games among the adolescent teens and young adults around the age of twelve to twenty-one years of age. The debate shows that video games help teens to develop decision making and team-building skills. Others claim that there is no real evidence to show that violence in video games lead to aggressive behavior. Grand Theft Auto, which is considered to be one of the most violent video games, is supposed to deals with gangs, sex, killing... ,...
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.... In a study entitled Mediators and Moderators of Long-Term Effects of Violent Video Games on Aggressive Behavior, Makuch established that children who played violent video games had fantasies about violence and violence in real world seemed a normal thing to them (Makuch 2014). Makuch (2014) argues that in the same way our bodies are affected by what we eat, our brains can also be affected by the very things that we constantly do, such as playing video games. Some experts note that the shootings at Colorado High School by two seniors...
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Violence in video games write compositions that require them to be creative within limited amount of time. This therefore boosts their performance. However, the parents and supporters of children using video games forget about the addiction part of it. They forget that when the video games are over used, the advantages are not felt anymore and the video games turn out to be harmful to the children. Too much playing brings about addiction, which drags with itself all the disadvantages and negative effects. This education impact changes from being an advantage to a negative effect in the sense that the addiction leads to wastage of too much...
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