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MBA Programme - Essay Example

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I am a co-founder and the general director of Globus Estate. The company renders property management services in the office real estate sector in Moscow. Our clients are families with real estate investment funds in total owning over one mln sq. m. of commercial property in Moscow. …
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MBA Programme
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Download file to see previous pages We optimize the economic value of new commercial property. The deals take the form of sales and leasing agreements. We have four employees directly engaged in negotiations and 12 outsourced professionals including lawyers, accountants, and building engineers.
Under management we presently have two new buildings (95 thsd. sq.m.), with a potential worth of 180 mln euro. Our team is proud of the previous project - the Omega Plaza 110 thsd. sq.m. office center. This project was fully leased to 175 clients within a year. Gross revenue from the business center this year is 28 mln euro. Currently, the property owners are selling the building to a real estate investment fund that is interested in dividend income between 170-190 mln euro. Among our clients are BNP Paribas, Thomson Reuters, Nikon and Sviaznoy, the second largest digital retailer in Russia.
My personal responsibilities within the company include maintaining relations with property shareholders, deal origination, execution supervision, budgeting and controls. In the next few years, I plan to offer other services at earlier stages of the property development cycle. The best opportunities I see are in the area of strategic partnerships between Western developers who possess modern construction technologies and expertise and between local developers who have land bank and local connections.
1. Please give your objectives for attending the INSEAD Executive MBA Programme. What would you like to achieve over the next 5 years, and how could the INSEAD Executive MBA contribute to achieving these plans? What are your alternatives to INSEAD? (500 words approx.) Objectives for attending INSEAD Executive MBA Programme My overarching objectives in attending the INSEAD Executive MBA Programme are to sharpen my skills and advance my career. I believe that modern business environments require flexibility and continuous learning. I use every opportunity to gain new knowledge and improve my current skills. As an experienced executive I see the MBA programme as a natural step to gain the world’s best business education. Though I have a strong financial background and deep knowledge of the real estate industry, I need further improvement of my soft skills to advance my career. To explore new opportunities I need to assess my career plans from a new perspective. I have a solid career, yet I am always open to new opportunities. Who knows, maybe after school I will begin a start-up company in China or launch a subsidiary of a Russian mining company in South Africa. I am seeking these kinds of challenges. 5 years plan Currently, I’m considering two options. In the first option, I will expand my real estate business and it will serve as both a property management and a property developing (design, fund raising, construction) company. I am also considering an Internet start-up project in the gaming industry. In the second option, I will return to my corporate career, preferably in a Russian company working in international business. In this case, I am interested in a business development position where I can explore my executive skills and have entrepreneurial challenges. INSEAD contribution To advance my personal development I have a strong motivation to continue my business education. My former education was formally devoted to finance (accounting, investment analysis, management accounting, advanced finance) and is short in terms of marketing, management, and soft skills disciplines. To build an international network I want to be an INSEAD alumni: part of a team that shares a similar interest for personal development and a commitment to making a difference. Last year I tried to launch a payment terminals company in the Baltic States. Despite the project being put aside, I was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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