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State-Sponsored Terrorism - Term Paper Example

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This research paper examines the inconsistency of the US policy toward state-sponsored terrorism. This country that condemns international terrorism, sanctioned the internment of the Americans of the Japanese descent after the Second World War owing to the bombing of the Pearl Harbor in 1941…
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State-Sponsored Terrorism
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Download file to see previous pages The Second World War, just as the name suggests was a war that had resulted from numerous diplomatic rows among the government. During the wars, different countries including the United States had committed numerous war crimes in different antagonizing countries. However, in wars governments strive to protect civilians as they engage in military warfare. The United States, for example, led the western allies in the war animating their enemies while protecting her civilians (Elle man, 2006). The country had for example carried out an extensive bombing of different parts of Japan among other countries forming the eastern bloc. At the end of the war, the countries abandoned the animosities thereby concentrating on rebuilding their economies. This implies that after the war, the countries including the United States abandoned the animosity and began rebuilding. The rounding of a particular group as was the case in the United States thus amounted to an act of terror and was not part of the war.
Among the features of the internment of Japanese that succeeded in quantifying the process as an act of terror included the magnitude of the swoop. As explained earlier, terrorists use the civilians to pass messages to governments. The success of a terrorist activity relies on the number of casualties in such attacks (Robinson, 2001). The American military rounded up more than one hundred and fifty thousand Japanese in the country with the American government hoping to use such in making Japan recognize her might. The American government thus portrayed disregard to human rights as they interred the Japanese arbitrarily thereby denying them some of the basic rights and freedoms of humanity. Such factors that quantify the interment process as a state-sponsored acts of terror. The American government sponsored the entire swoop as the country used its military among other resources to concentration camps for the Japanese. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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State-Sponsored Terrorism Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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