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The Roles that Military Can Play - Movie Review Example

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This paper “The Roles that Military Can Play” analyzes the soldiers’ characters depending on the context - as a mighty tool of the passionate politicians to develop and promote their personal ideologies, or imposing a vicious blow on the opponents by allowing them to indulge in massive brutalities…
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The Roles that Military Can Play
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Download file to see previous pages In the modern world, the level of conflict between the various countries, within the countries and the various religions and sects of the world has increased due to numerous reasons. Even though the world is inching towards globalization and becoming a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic community, conflicts based on ethnicity and religion have now become a major threat to peaceful coexistence. Often, such conflicts have reached heightened states where massacre and mass murder have been the consequences. A peek into history reveals that various conflicts have occurred within particular nations between the various ethnical groups (Holbrooke, 1998). In many such conflicts, the military also plays a direct or indirect role with various levels of involvement. The military is often the main entity involved in the war through the war itself is raged by the political needs of the region. Also, often, the International community gets involved in a regional conflict due to the need to send troops as peacekeeping agents. 
This study takes a deeper look at the role played by the military in conflict based on the documentary, ‘A Cry From The Grave’. The documentary was directed by the award-winning British filmmaker Leslie Woodhead. It probes the ethical conflict in the region of Srebrenica, which ultimately led to genocide as the Muslims in Bosnia were attacked and murdered in large numbers. Here, the Bosnian Serb Army that was supported by the Serbian Government caused these murders in the name of ethnic cleansing (Gibbs, 2009). This article describes the role of military played in this brutal massacre by highlighting some situations from the documentary and also by looking at certain historical facts and incidents. It also discusses the role of the army as a tool for the political ambitions of the people in power, as the documentary highlights the atrocities committed under the command of the politicians. The paper discusses how the army can play as a tool and be made to commit immense horrors under the pretext of ethical or religious cleansing. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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