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How Counterinsurgency Operations Differ from Regular Wars - Coursework Example

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Many strategies given by experts regarding counterinsurgency are be explained in "How Counterinsurgency Operations Differ from Regular Wars" page. The difficulties that are faced during a counterinsurgency operation are also the topic of the discussion. …
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How Counterinsurgency Operations Differ from Regular Wars
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Extract of sample "How Counterinsurgency Operations Differ from Regular Wars"

Download file to see previous pages Today the United States of America along with allied forces of other countries is fighting a war against terrorism in the ruthless terrains of Afghanistan. The situation has forced military analysts to look into the new techniques of counterinsurgency. Different strategies have been laid out by different experts regarding countering insurgencies. Counterinsurgency is defined as military action against the insurgents, who are fighting against an established government, in order to protect the authority of the government. Counterinsurgency operations are more difficult than other operations as the damage has to be contained and it is very difficult to distinguish between a civilian and an insurgent.

Counterinsurgency operations are not new. In fact, they are as old as human history. Since humans have built societies and countries, there have been people who dislike the established order and have rebelled against it and in order to suppress upheaval, such campaigns have been used by kings. In 512 B.C the great Persian warrior king Darius was defeated by a bunch of barbaric Scythian insurgents in a guerrilla war (Aspery, R. 1994).

This is not the only example in history. Many great rulers and warriors have faced defeat in an effort to counter the insurgencies. There are various factors that contributed to the defeat of kings and rulers, and it will not be justified to generalize anything from this. But this gives us a glimpse as to how difficult and different counterinsurgency operations are from regular wars.

Darius was a very good tactician and a fighter but was not able to overcome a small group of insurgents. This shows that weapons and strength are not the only things important for successful counterinsurgency missions.

The main factor that distinguishes counterinsurgency operations from conventional wars is that insurgents are not foreigners but people of the same country. Military action is done upon the native population of the region.       ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Counterinsurgency Operations Differ from Regular Wars Coursework.
(How Counterinsurgency Operations Differ from Regular Wars Coursework)
How Counterinsurgency Operations Differ from Regular Wars Coursework.
“How Counterinsurgency Operations Differ from Regular Wars Coursework”.
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