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What Is the Hybrid Warfare and What Challenges Does It Present - Article Example

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"What Is the Hybrid Warfare and What Challenges Does It Present" paper focus on hybrid warfare which is the rise in insurgency and terrorism threat posed by state and non-state actors. It is a problem of countering non-state actors and failure to define terrorism as a crime under international law…
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What Is the Hybrid Warfare and What Challenges Does It Present
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Extract of sample "What Is the Hybrid Warfare and What Challenges Does It Present"

Download file to see previous pages The end of the Cold War and the events of 9/11 have provided a catalyst for unprecedented challenges to the international order and national security policy. Arguably the most important challenge has been the appropriate and most efficacious method to combat a transient and intangible enemy, which transcends borders and the conventional notion of an organized army that “yet has shown remarkable resilience against traditional military firepower”. Mahmood’s observations highlight the changing nature of conflict and the fact that the contemporary international framework has removed pre-existing regional controls and heightened conflict zones with the incidence of civil wars doubling. This has resulted in a new political order in the international arena with novel conflict scenarios, thereby creating a demand for military manpower and expertise.

Additionally, the redefinition of these security strategies has reinforced the debate regarding the notion of contemporary conflict scenarios falling within the model of “hybrid” warfare and the focus of this paper is to critically evaluate the increasing use of the term “hybrid warfare”. Moreover, in evaluating the heightened recognition of hybrid warfare as a reality, this paper will further consider the challenges this model presents to current and future conflict.

Moreover, contemporary warfare is becoming increasingly significant, changing armed forces around the world and the ways wars are fought as highlighted by Glenn’s reference to the reaction of Israel’s Defence Forces to Hezbollah’s tactics on the field as a prime example of hybrid warfare7.   Indeed, the 2007 Geneva opines that “as new forms of armed conflict multiply and spread, they cause the lines between public and private, government and society, military and civilian to become blurred”.

This blurring of the distinctions in traditional warfare has created debate regarding the contemporary relevance of the maneuvers doctrine, further fuelled by the British Army’s formal adoption of an official counter-insurgency doctrine, which was published in Part Ten of its Field Manual in 2001. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What Is the Hybrid Warfare and What Challenges Does It Present Article.
(What Is the Hybrid Warfare and What Challenges Does It Present Article)
What Is the Hybrid Warfare and What Challenges Does It Present Article.
“What Is the Hybrid Warfare and What Challenges Does It Present Article”.
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