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Funding Sources for Terrorist Organizations - Essay Example

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The goal of the current writing "Funding Sources for Terrorist Organizations" is to shed the light on the methods of extorting funds by the terrorist organization from various types of financial activities. Additionally, the essay will describe the process of gathering finances itself…
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Funding Sources for Terrorist Organizations
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Extract of sample "Funding Sources for Terrorist Organizations"

Download file to see previous pages According to Ehrenfeld (2002), terrorist operations such as selling illegal drugs, prostitution, and donation, in most cases, takes place in countries far away from their area of operation. Therefore, funds made must be channeled to them without being detected. Funds from drugs are obtained either by directly distributing the drugs or extorting drug traffickers. Drug money can be channeled either by carriers that ship money notes together with other goods or distributing funds to various wire transfers and registering them as processing expenses incurred in the transfers.
The second method of extorting funds from businesses, farms, schools, as well as, other drug traffickers, is said to be taxation fee or payment for protection and security provided to hide its true purpose. These funds are given to individuals that relay the amount collected to the organization. The third method, on donations or charity, involves making multiple deposits to a single account consistent with donations made to a private charity firm (FATF, 2015). Forth methods on money laundering, funds are channeled using mechanisms such as fabricated invoices and loans, purchase of luxurious items, company shares, estates, or investing in casinos and hotels. Finally, funds obtained through prostitution are channeled through an individual that collects from them. Some prostitutes could be victims of human trafficking.
Fatf. (2015). Financing Of the Terrorist Organization Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (ISIL) FATE.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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