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The US army exists to serve the nation of America and their citizens by protecting and enduring the national interests in order to fulfil the responsibilities of the US Military. In order to achieve all these successes, there is a need to get competent leaders who values the…
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Army Leadership
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Download file to see previous pages However, as in most cases the direct leaders have influences to other people they should on the other hand encourages hard work, instructsand recognizes great achievements of other individuals.
The US military was made up of lifeblood army who ensured changes in the United States Army. The US army leaders were ready for any challenges that may come before them in order to handle with great solders that have risen through hardships and from range of qualified professional solders who always accomplishes their missions with great intelligence(Army Leadership of United States, 2012). The challenging and complex circumstances could provide ground for leaders who were expected to make wise, timely and effective decisions to achieve the mission. The army leaders were therefore, assigned to take responsibilities by inspiring the influences of individuals to accomplish the US organizational targets. The Army on the other hand was expected to motivate both internal and external people to pursue actions, shape decisions and focus thinking for the best to the organization.
The US Army military requires leaders who are capable of making appropriate choices and joining direction for an organization. The leaders were therefore required to influence people by providing the society with facts, direction and motivating individuals to achieve the mission in order to improve the organization status (Army Leadership of United States, 2012). The US organization was expected to have multiple foundations for checkups and access situations to provide input decisions. The leadership in US is taken as the process of influence since the leadership doctrine was endorsed in 1948.
Leadership in Army of US as an element of combat power unifies other elements such as mission command, information, intelligences, fires and protection(Army Leadership of United States, 2012). The Army is unable to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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