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In the paper “The General Ulysses Grant’s Union” the author tries to answer some questions: what would have happened if the Confederate leaders had won the Civil War? Do the current African American residents of the US feel they are on equal status as the White Americans?…
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The General Ulysses Grants Union
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Download file to see previous pages Further, the African Americans’ contributions made a huge impact on the lives of all African Americans starting from 1861 until today’s 21st century. The war focused on the possibility of forcing the Southern states’ white Americans to free their slaves. Many African American soldiers received their share of the Medal of Honor. The African Americans were granted freedom after the war. The African American slaves were happily discharged from their Southern White masters. The present-day beneficiaries include Singer Mariah Carrey, President Obama, and L.A Lakers’ basketball star Kobe Bryant.
 Furthermore, there are many unanswered queries to be researched. One of the questions is: what would have happened if the Confederate leaders had won the Civil War? Second, do the current African American residents of the United States feel they are on equal status as the White Americans? Third, another research should answer the question: Do the African Americans have better fighting abilities compared to the White Americans during the American Civil War compared to the white Americans?
 The slavery issued triggered the American Civil war. The Republican Party’s President Abraham Lincoln spearheaded the political party’s ideology that all men should be treated equally, espousing the emancipation of the African American slaves. The Northern states espoused freeing the slaves. The Southern States opposed the freeing of the slaves. Both sides of the war used African Americans to help their causes. The General Ulysses Grant led the northern states’ Union army. General Robert Lee led the Southern states’ Confederate army. Both sides of the war experimented using African American soldiers and civilians in their war campaign. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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