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GEOINT and Europe - Essay Example

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The pattern of defense and construction of forts style changed with period of time. The aim was one, to protect against enemy‘s offence. Use of forts can be seen…
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GEOINT and Europe
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Download file to see previous pages However they were less helpful in the both world wars were easily grounded and conquered, there were several reasons to it,
They were shaped in different forms ranging from polygonal to ring shape fortress however never survived and were not able to fulfill the purpose of its existence. One of reasons was its stagnant and motionless own existence as a giant body in itself. Despite its high walls and masonry. Walls were directly exposed to cannon fires, Explosive shells and artillery fires.
Although advancements were made and in order to to kill the effect of cannon fires, Steel and concrete forts were introduced, and bunker concept was introduced to avoid the assault by enemies.. however despite all this and thick shielding there were couple of reasons that resulted in the whole scheme being a failure , the advancements in the machinery, the weapons, and later in world war two the use of Tanks meant any target in sight was vulnerable ,and in a way it was exposing yourself directly to the enemy.
With fighter plans available, the forts presented a case of sitting duck that was waiting to be shot from above. By 2nd world war nuclear capabilities were achieved that would eliminate and erase whole of city, a fort being a small area. Any fort that had bunkers in it, a counter was created for it.and bunker busters were introduced and implemented on the forts strategy. Bunker busters are especially designed for such materials that are hard in nature .they were highly penetrative.
The permanent existence of fort at one point, being a static entity, allowed the enemy to prepare itself and collect and gather all the information that was necessary to attack and launch an assault, therefore forts stood no ground of preventing and standing the enemy’s attack.
By 2nd world war, the battles were fought on mobile basis. Any fixed position ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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GEOINT and Europe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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