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: Operation Market Garden - Case Study Example

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The military operation that was titled Operation Market Garden was unsuccessfully attempted by allied military operations during September of 1944. The World War II operation was the largest airborne operation up to that point in time, led by Field Marshal Montgomery in order to push forward into Germany by crossing the Rhine. …
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Case Study: Operation Market Garden
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Download file to see previous pages This was done in order to bypass several other options of entry that were far less hospitable or timely. The purpose of air support was to secure bridges that would provide for the least obstacle ridden entry into Northern Germany by armed forces.
There was some success for the operation, but overall it is considered a failure. Initially several bridges were captured, but delays in demolishing those captured caused for the operation to be unstable. In addition, there were serious logistical problems including a supply line that was stretched too thin. In the end, the Allies could not cross the Rhine with enough power to achieve their objectives, the largest of which was to end the war in time for Christmas in 1944.
The operation was the effort 21st Army Group led by Field Marshal Montgomery as he went up against Generalfeldmarschall Walther Model, but the battle was actually a series of battles that utilized hundreds of army groups from September 17 until the 27th in 1944. This operation was the consequence of Marshal Montgomery’s success during the Battle of Normandy which destroyed the Seventh Army and the Fifth Panzer Army, known as Army B in Hitler’s forces. In a belief that was based upon the defeat of Germany in 1918 which led to the surrender of German forces, Montgomery pushed to move forward toward Anhem to secure the same kind of surrender. 1 There was no doubt that Germany would once again concede victory and end the conflict at the end of 1944. This was not to be the case. History The history that led up to the development of Operation Market Garden was the use of air support during the Battle of Normandy and the perceived success of Field Marshal Montgomery. Because much of the success was attributed to Montgomery, although some thought it was won in spite of him2, when he approached command with his ‘single thrust’ strategy it was received and well considered. At the Battle of Normandy, the use of air support had been extremely successful and had begun a belief that this was the way in which to win the war. Approaching the problem with the use of air support on a geographic trek that would push into Germany and force surrender, the strategy of Operation Market Garden was born. Montgomery defined his positions through being something of a strategist and was central to the strategizing during the Battle of Normandy. Although he had a great deal of failure in trying to punch through the German defenses, he was considered to have served a triumph when one of his strategies finally worked and created the Falaise Pocket. The many failures in trying to break through the defenses, however, serve to question whether he had a success or if he prolonged the failures that led up to a final success that was long overdue. Jarymowycz writes that “Montgomery’s great success is the set piece battle buttressed by a considerable superiority in men and material, total air supremacy, and an embarrassment of artillery”.3 What the Battle of Normandy provided, however, was its objective; to acquire operational maneuverability.4 One of the problems that can be seen in the history of the war is that Western democracies were unable to build armor and doctrine for the war that was on par with that of their enemies.5 The Battle of Normandy allowed for the use of a wide variety of military technologies, including airplane and tank usage that had previously not been a large part of the allied defense strategies. The Arracourt battles provide ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Case Study: Operation Market Garden Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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