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Preparation for a terrorist attack In an urban setting, it should be recognized that rigid organizational boundaries are no longer effective in terrorist attack response (Bloomberg, Cassano and Kilduff, 2011; Kapucu, 2012). It is thus important for a disaster coordinator to summon representatives from these organizations so that a collective decision can be made regarding action during disaster situations…
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Disaster Response & Recovery
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, a center for intelligence, training design, preparedness, technological enhancements, and strategizing should be created. It should perform researches, strategize, plan, and organize leadership training programs and seminars. The regular intelligence gathering and planning allow the current procedures to cater to the possible threats that may materialize in the future (Bloomberg, Cassano and Kilduff, 2011). Next, general guidelines on tactical directions should be created by the EMA. There should be a particular response for HazMat, chemical attacks in subways, as well as biological, radiological and nuclear attacks. Rescue measures during collapse, explosions and under-river tunnel operations (if applicable) should also be designed (Bloomberg, Cassano and Kilduff, 2011). Subgroups of individuals with the appropriate skills and knowledge for these objectives can be tapped to focus on these tasks. Safety of the respondents should also be considered. Adequate equipment, efficient communication, and safe procedures all contribute to the safety during disaster situations. ...
It should be able to simulate a terrorist attack. It aims to widen the analytical, leadership and decision-making skills, especially in a stress-packed environment (Bloomberg, Cassano and Kilduff, 2011). This is where research efforts come in. Knowing what the terrorists are capable of doing can aid significantly the preparation of the city. Information infrastructure becomes much more vital since self-organizing groups are more common in the cities. In addition, this can be used to tap the citizenry that can provide financial support and blood reservoir after catastrophes. It was found that ample social support improves emergency response significantly (Kapucu, 2012). It should also be included in the long-term plan of the EMA to supplement the knowledge and experience in terrorism studies and leadership of the respondents. The U. S. Military Academy, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center, and Center of Homeland Defense offer courses regarding terrorist response. In return, the EMA and its participating agencies can hold seminars to the public, especially to individuals of a related profession, in an effort to make them more aware and prepared. They can also apply their learning to the overall preparation for terrorist attacks (Bloomberg, Cassano and Kilduff, 2011). Security improvement in vulnerable sites Individualized security systems should be implemented for subway stations, airports and other facilities where large people gather, as well as industrial enterprises, such as food, computer, electricity generating stations, oil refineries, and nuclear fuel storage facilities (Kumarl, 2012). In particular, disaster situations in HazMat facilities should be responded by personnel especially trained for it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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