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National Guard Recruiting and Retention Support - Essay Example

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Date National Guard recruiting and retention support Introduction The army National Guard recruiting and retention NCOs recruits and retain qualified soldiers for entry into the army National Guard based on outlined applicable regulations…
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National Guard Recruiting and Retention Support
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Download file to see previous pages In the event of federal control of the federal authority, the National Guard is used to supplement the regular Army. This supplementation involves the bolstering of the regular army forces with additional combat units. This paper discusses the National Guard Recruiting and retention support. Origin The National Guard in the United States is the oldest unit of the Armed forces. In addition, the National Guard is one of the longest enduring institutions nationally. This year, the National Guard celebrated its 376th birthday on December 13. The origin of the National army dates back to the earliest North American English Colonies. Since the colonies were responsible for their own defense, they relied on the traditions of English Military and organized militias consisting of able-bodied male citizens. Through this militia, the colonists managed to defend citizens from foreign invaders and Indian attacks. In addition, the militia assisted in winning the war on revolution. After independence, the United States’ constitution authors gave power to the congress to allow for organizing, arming and disciplining the militia. However, the recruitment and training of the militia was the role of state. Until now, the national militia is a state-federal force (, para2&3). The size of the regular army has remained small throughout the 19th century. ...
After the Second World War, the National Guard Aviation units became Air National Guard Units. The Air National Guard unit is the latest Reserve component. During Berlin Crisis, the Air National Guard sends soldiers to fight Korea and reinforce NATO. Since then, the federal role of National Guard has changed. This role is currently characterized by call up to crisis response in Kosovo, Bosnia and Haiti. In the 2001 September 11 attacks, both state and federal authorities called upon guard members to offer national security and combat terrorism activities outside the nation. In the year 2005, 50000 guard members were deployed in Gulf States during the Hurricane Katrina event. For the states, the National Guard provides units that are trained and well armed to offer protection of property and life. In addition, National Guard continually provides defense to the United States and other interests throughout the globe. The National Guard is divided into subordinate units stationed in each of the 50 states, the District of Colombia and 3 territories. In each unit, the head of operations is the respective governor (Doubler 13). Functions of the National Guard The role of the National Guard includes responding to domestic disasters and emergencies. In order to get involved into active duty during such disasters, the state governors or territories commanding generals call the National Guard. Most common emergencies and disasters include those caused by earthquakes, hurricanes and floods. Members of the National Guard can become temporary or permanent members of the armed forces. Such appointments occur at the consent of the state governors while the National Guard members can remain active or inactive at the service of the nation. Army National ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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