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Applying to a Medical School - Admission/Application Essay Example

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From early primary, I loved science lessons and developed keen interest in human anatomy. I, therefore, wanted to study medicine ever since then. The drive to study medicine served as…
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Applying to a Medical School
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Extract of sample "Applying to a Medical School"

Download file to see previous pages Presently, I boast of an exemplary grade and ready to join a medical school of my choice, which is your university. I possess the right mindset and adequate motivation to make a perfect medical doctor of this century.
The Kind of a university a student studies a particular degree influences both his professional knowhow and personality. The study duration is a long time within which students face numerous challenges and develop new social networks most of which influence the rest of lives. I seek to develop such a relationship with your university. I desire to join a holistic study environment, one that will accord me the freedom and opportunities to identify my interests in the various disciplines of medicine. As a student, I require both challenges and opportunities in equal measure. Challenges help identify the abilities of a student while the opportunities enable a learner to grow. I am an ambitious individual with exemplary academic achievement. I, therefore, believe that I possess the versatility that require effective nurturing and molding in order to specialize in a discipline that will bring out the best of my abilities.
I believe that I will obtain such an environment and resources at medical school. I have exhibited outstanding abilities in various learning institutions. At the community college, for example, I performed exemplarily in the theory-based courses. In the spirit of advancement and with the desire specialize; I believe that medical school will avail the adequate research and practical resources to enable me to put into practice the knowledge I have acquired in such institutions. Another equally fundamental motivation is the fact that I will interact with equally motivated individuals and therefore encounter similar brains. Medical school creates a virtual society comprising of bright students from all over the country. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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