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Analyses of the Articles about Animal Ethics - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Analyses of the Articles about Animal Ethics " states that biomedical research on animals should continue to be done regardless of the pain the animals go through if, new vaccines are to be got, all diseases terminated and, if all medical therapies are to be improved…
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Analyses of the Articles about Animal Ethics
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Extract of sample "Analyses of the Articles about Animal Ethics"

Download file to see previous pages Animals do not have rights since they do not have moral reasoning and moral judgment.
Use of animal as research subjects in medical research has been condemned widely criticized and condemned on two grounds: that it wrongly violates the animal rights and that it wrongly imposes much avoidable suffering on sentient creatures. According to Cohen (575), these arguments are not valid the first one relies on an understanding of rights which is mistaken, and the second is based on calculations of sequences which is mistaken. A right is a claim that can be exercised by one party against another (Cohen 576). The target of the right claim can be a human being, community or even the entire humankind but not to animals.
For, any genuine right to be fully comprehended the person who holds the claim against the other party must be known and to what it is a right. Rights arise, according to Cohen (576), and they can be “intelligently defended, only among beings….” Only human beings can make claims and rights beings claims, animals do not have rights since they can not make any moral claim against any person or group. The attributes of human beings from which, moral capability arises, have been discussed by philosophers at all times; ancient and modern, the inner consciousness of a free will. Animals do not have the ability to reason using a free will, and this denies the animals rights.
Human beings defend other human beings lives and animals’ by treating them, and this can only be done through the use of animals in research. According to Cohen (579), “every disease eliminated, every vaccine developed…virtually every modern medical therapy is due… to experimentation using animals.” For human and animal welfare to be enhanced, research has to be done using the animals.
The article the case for the use of animals in biomedical research, by Carl Cohen, looks at the importance of animals in biomedical research to both animals and humans, as well. This paper fully supports Cohen in his argument about animals not having rights, his definition of rights.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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