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The Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease Outline: The Roles of the Imaging and Treatment Modalities - Term Paper Example

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The author of the "The Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease Outline: The Roles of the Imaging and Treatment Modalities" paper examines the imaging modalities computed tomography and fluoroscopy, and the treatment modalities of surgery and radiotherapy…
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The Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease Outline: The Roles of the Imaging and Treatment Modalities
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Extract of sample "The Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease Outline: The Roles of the Imaging and Treatment Modalities"

Download file to see previous pages Dramatic developments in the field of science and technology have provided newer and enhanced diagnostic tools to make arrive at a more precise diagnosis on one side and on the other side given new meaning to the traditional treatment modalities, as well as creating new treatment modalities. 

Peering inside the human body for a better understanding of any abnormalities within that are the cause for illness in a patient had remained an unrealized need until the advent of the x-ray imaging technique. Since then advances in the x-ray imaging techniques have led to new imaging modalities to remove the inadequacies that were experienced through the use of mere x-rays. Fluoroscopy is one such development in imaging modalities.

Fassbinder & Kelsey, 2002, p. 257, define fluoroscopy as “a dynamic x-ray technique used to image moving structures and to localize potential abnormalities without recording images on film. It gives a real-time or dynamic image as the x-rays pass through the patient”. Fluoroscopy is employed as part of an examination or as an adjuvant in a procedure. The type of examination or procedure in which fluoroscopy is being used determines whether prior preparation of the patient is necessary.

Fluoroscopy is a useful imaging tool as it enables the physician to look into many systems of the human body like the skeletal system, digestive system, respiratory system, and reproductive system. In doing this the physician gets to evaluate specific areas of the body including bones, muscles and joints and also specific solid organs like the heart, lungs, and kidney.

This benefit derived through the use of fluoroscopy has led to it being employed in several examinations and procedures including barium x-rays, cardiac catheterization, visualization of joints, lumbar puncture, placement of intravenous catheters, intravenous pyelograms, hysterosalpingograms, and biopsies.

Barium x-rays are an example of fluoroscopy being employed alone to enable the examination of the digestive system since it allows the physician to see the real-time movement of the intestines, as the barium moves through the intestines. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease Outline: The Roles of the Term Paper.
(The Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease Outline: The Roles of the Term Paper)
The Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease Outline: The Roles of the Term Paper.
“The Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease Outline: The Roles of the Term Paper”.
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