What insights, if any, can the writings of Michael Foucault provide for the student of medieval 'outsiders' - Outline Example

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Acquisition of knowledge is important because it equips human with skills and expertise to handle challenges and difficulties that they encounter with ease. Undoubtedly, this enhances…
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What insights, if any, can the writings of Michael Foucault provide for the student of medieval outsiders
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Extract of sample "What insights, if any, can the writings of Michael Foucault provide for the student of medieval 'outsiders'"

Download file to see previous pages Perhaps one of the main contributors to the body of knowledge includes Michel Foucault. Indeed, his exploration of science, philosophy, history and a host of other fields generated useful insights that inform current decisions in the academic sphere. It is against this background that this paper underscores contributions of Michel Foucault that are informative to the student of medieval ‘outsider’.
Foucault posits that the disappearance of the social problem of leprosy paved way to insanity2. Initially during the 1500s, mad people were secluded from the society and sent away in ‘ship of fools’3.
According to Foucault, leprosy was a complex phenomenon whose occurrence was beyond the physical incapacitation6. From a medical point of view, the populations that were affected by it suffered immensely. The then societies feared the disease because of the medical implications that were associated with it. Just like mad people, lepers were secluded form the society
The resultant gap made it possible for populations to carry on with the practice of seclusion. Gradually, mad people started being given a similar treatment. In essence, they were considered social outcasts and were exposed to brutal treatment9.
Foucault believes that discipline and punishment gives the persons in authority power over an individual who is punished10. Power in this regard is defined by professional knowledge thus judges, parole officers and the police are powerful. The degree and length of the disciplinary measure is depended on the decisions that are made by individuals in power11. These also determine the type of punishment that need to be reflective of the type of wrong that is committed by the prisoner. Discipline and punishment play distinct social and political roles of:
Human sexuality has a direct influence on social as well as political power structuring16. The procedures and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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