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Analysis of Pathophysiology Case - Assignment Example

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The author examines the case of pathophysiology and states that the physician should give a patient an eye exam. The examination should encompass dilating the eyes to determine whether the retina is detached. The physician should utilize the ophthalmoscopy and ultrasonography in the diagnosis.   …
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Analysis of Pathophysiology Case
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Pathophysiology Case"

Floaters and Dark Areas
The presence of the floaters and dark areas is a possible indication that the vitreous has pulled away from the retina. The shrinkage of the vitreous results in tugging on the retina, and can lead to retinal detachment (Kreissig, 2005). In addition, the floaters might show that the retina has dislodged from the inner part of the eye, which contains oxygen, blood, and nutrition for healthy functioning of the eyes.
The symptoms that Mr. Ally manifests to point to the presence of the retinal detachment. The doctor should treat Mr. Ally with laser surgery or vitrectomy. Laser surgery is important in reattaching the retina to its rightful place in the eye (2005). The doctor should also perform vitrectomy by making an incision in the white part of the eye. Then, the physician should use an instrument to remove the vitreous and inject gas into the eye to facilitate the reattachment of Mr. Ally’s retina.   Read More
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Analysis of Pathophysiology Case Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 280 words - 6. Retrieved from
(Analysis of Pathophysiology Case Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 280 Words - 6)
Analysis of Pathophysiology Case Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 280 Words - 6.
“Analysis of Pathophysiology Case Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 280 Words - 6”, n.d.
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