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5 questions - Essay Example

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In 1835, Bassi showed that a fungus caused a silkworm disease, and in 1865 Pasteur discovered that a protozoan caused another silkworm disease. Why do we use Kochs postulates instead of Bassis or Pasteurs postulates?
In 1835 Agostino Bassi discovered a causal relationship…
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5 questions
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Download file to see previous pages Additionally, in 1965, Louis Pasteur discovered that silkworm was caused by a protozoan and this added more information on the prior discovery of the 1935. However, there were still limitations as the results were general instead of being particular.
Koch’s discovery was so particular in his results that a particular disease is caused by a particular organism. Truly, Koch did not only isolate the causal pathogen, but he also correlated a specific pathogen to a specific disease. Again Koch provided experimental steps and guideline to prove that a bacterium caused anthrax by using a specimen of purified culture of anthrax isolated from dead animals. In the modern era, Koch’s postulates have been used to assert the causation of infectious diseases through pathogenic microorganism culture and with the aid of electronic microscopes. He was awarded a Nobel Peace prize in 1905 for his work on microbiology.
2. In 1884, Hans Christian Gram described a method of staining bacterial cells while not staining surrounding animal tissues; however, he thought the staining method he developed was faulty because not all bacteria stained. In a letter to the editor of the journal in which Gram published his findings, write your response to Grams concern.
His discovery was not a faulty one in any way, it just had some limitations. To prove the reality, the stain work in some of the bacteria specimen he used. However, the failure in the other cases opened a new research question, why not in all bacteria? It has been discovered in modern science that there are almost countless bacteria, each possess a different characteristics. Some bacteria secret a chemical substance the reacts with Hans’s stained to blur vision. Now it has been discovered that the chemical mycolic acid.
Mycolic acids produced by the bacteria interfere with the dye, deterring the dye to stain. The acid is a species of bacteria ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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