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Social Media and Its Effects on Verbal Communication - Assignment Example

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The purpose of this research proposal “Social Media and Its Effects on Verbal Communication” is to emphasize the importance of verbal communicating skills and the negative effects that social media are inflicting upon it. Verbal skills are the stepping stone to socializing…
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Social Media and Its Effects on Verbal Communication
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Extract of sample "Social Media and Its Effects on Verbal Communication"

Download file to see previous pages For example, many people feel the urge to communicate while at the dinner table.
However, Alloway et al. noted that many scholars are using social media as a way of interacting with each other. As such, there is reduced verbal communication. It is noted that many scholars that have been using Facebook for over a year have shown exemplary performance in their studies (Alloway et al., 2012). This is due to their high scores in working memory, verbal ability, and spellings. Even though many studies have been made, the topic at hand is of extreme importance.
The purpose of this research proposal is to emphasize the importance of verbal communicating skills and the negative effects that social media are inflicting upon it. Verbal skills are the stepping stone to socializing and socializing is what makes us humans.
Wide-ranging research has tried to address social progressive procedures as well as outcomes and the numerous effects associated with media use on intellectual growth and development. However, the intersection of media-use patterns with social welfare in the present-day age of multiscreen media multitasking has not undergone proper examination. The time spent on one-on-one communication or rather, face-to-face communication has also not been assessed in the study of the link between media use and social development.
Studies of social media encounter also bump into a few hindrances more often than not. This is for the reason that there has been the development of new tools at a very fast pace and those existing undergo constant updating with modern policies, applications even features. Users have a tendency of migrating in a volatile manner of alternative tools. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Social Media and Its Effects on Verbal Communication Assignment, n.d.)
Social Media and Its Effects on Verbal Communication Assignment.
(Social Media and Its Effects on Verbal Communication Assignment)
Social Media and Its Effects on Verbal Communication Assignment.
“Social Media and Its Effects on Verbal Communication Assignment”.
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