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The Effects of Media to Its Audience - Case Study Example

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This paper 'The Effects of Media to Its Audience" focuses on the fact that media is known to have an influence on the audience. This can be attributed to the fact that the relationship between media and the audience completes the basic process of communication. …
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The Effects of Media to Its Audience
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Extract of sample "The Effects of Media to Its Audience"

Download file to see previous pages The effects of the media can be attributed to the interaction with the different components of society. Media refers to the components of communication in different forms. When a layman is asked regarding the definition of media, the different forms such as television, radio and internet are the main answers. Basically, these examples have the common denominator of being able to communicate with the target population or the audience (Cardwell 1-3).

In the process of effective communication, the effects that can be incurred to the audience can be explained on the basis of different views and aspects. Included in the said issues is the capability of the audience to intercept and understand the stimuli and signals that are sent by the media. On the other hand, the different forms and ways of the media to communicate with the audience is another point of view in the process of determining the effects of media to the public (Cardwell 1-3).

The effects of media can be considered on the basis of different levels of intensity. It can inculcate values, bad habits and views. The extent of such effect can even motivate the public to undertake and be involved in different types of activities in society. For that matter, media can be considered as one of the most powerful weapons in events of chaos, confusion and war due to the fact that there is a divided nation and the decision of which side to take commonly depends on the effectiveness of the propaganda used by the different types and forms of media (Gurevitch 242). One of the most common examples of the said scenario is related to political views and election wherein the political personalities optimize the use of the different media to be able to achieve their goals.

One of the basic views related to the effects of the media to the audience started in the early 20th century when the stimulus-response model had been the basis of the perceived effect of media to the people (Perse 23).    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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