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The Times and The Guardian as the Most Influenced Media - Case Study Example

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The paper "The Times and The Guardian as the Most Influenced Media" highlights that the circulation of the Guardian is much less than the Times, so the advertising rate in The Times is higher than The Guardian. However, The Guardian’s website is likely to be better than the Times’ website…
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The Times and The Guardian as the Most Influenced Media
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Extract of sample "The Times and The Guardian as the Most Influenced Media"

Download file to see previous pages The broadsheets are probably the most famous to readers overseas. Media is one of the fastest-growing industries in the UK. And among them, a newspaper is one of the major media businesses in the UK. The media industry in the UK is expected to be ₤ 84 billion in 2010. In 1985, this industry was only ₤ 7 billion. (“UK Mediaphile 2010: UK media market could be worth £84 billion by 2010”, 2009) and in 50 percent of the media market was of print media, that is, mainly newspapers. However, the scenario has changed now, according to some study, it is expected that in 2010 only 16 percent of the whole media industry will comprise of newspaper or basically print media. A major chunk will move towards electronic media such as the Internet. In this context, the UK has become one of the world’s main markets for the newspaper industry, because people are always enthusiastic to keep themselves upgraded with the news around them. The main players in this business are the 200 years old The Times and the daily newspaper The Guardian. The Times is under the organization named News Corporation Group, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, and another giant The Guardian is a part of Guardia Media group. This report will show us the comparative analysis between these two newspapers.
The Times is one of the oldest newspapers in the UK. It is almost 200 years old. The Times is a national newspaper which is on regular circulation in the United Kingdom since the year 1785. The newspaper was printed in broadsheet format for more than 200 years but switched to a compact size in 2004 mainly in an attempt to appeal to younger readers and partly to appeal to commuters using public transportation. These demographic groups take or precisely read the newspaper for gathering knowledge and to kill the boredom while they journey. The cover price of The Times is 90p on weekdays in the UK, and the price is £1.50 on Saturday. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Times and The Guardian as the Most Influenced Media Case Study, n.d.)
The Times and The Guardian as the Most Influenced Media Case Study.
(The Times and The Guardian As the Most Influenced Media Case Study)
The Times and The Guardian As the Most Influenced Media Case Study.
“The Times and The Guardian As the Most Influenced Media Case Study”.
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