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The paper "Why Watching TV Is Good" highlights that watching TV has many benefits to the modern society since apart from the educational and moral benefits of TVs that have been stated above it is also right to say that TVs for sure have changed the course of life in many ways…
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Why Watching TV Is Good
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It is agreeable that watching TV has some shortcomings related to it but besides those disadvantages, there are vast positive impacts that we must appreciate. There are many motives why people watch TV one of which includes enlightenment and educational purpose, especially in learning institutions. They also play a great role in enhancing social interactions among people through teaching cultural practises of diverse groups; therefore, leading to people appreciating each other’s cultures. Moreover, TVs are recreational and are vital in enhancing memory, imagination and creativity of people who actively watch television.
Firstly, watching TVs makes people smart and improves on their memory, especially the fictional movies which encourage imagination among viewers (Frings, Mader and Hüll 2010). This is because viewing TV series such as fringe or prison break does call for a great deal of thinking and concentration in order to understand what is going on. Moreover, TV is a good source of fun, for instance, watching TV shows like Just for Laughs: Gags, sports and shows such as American Idol, ensures that somebody is entertained making TVs a source of happiness.
TVs have also helped us to learn about different cultures and places, considering that due to reasons of time and money most people are not in a position to travel to various places to appreciate different cultures and practices (Steuer and Hustedt, 2002). However, TV opens up the world and through watching documentaries we are able to learn about different cultures. In addition, TV encourages social interactions since it can often give people with little in common topics especially relating to programs aired and News to talk about. In recent times, TV has started to air How-To programs through which one can actually learn how to do many things like cooking nutritious meals.
TVs also enlighten people when they watch the National Geographic and the History Channels, and at times, this can be as informative as going to a learning institute (Steuer and Hustedt, 2002).
People are now able to understand other people easily and appreciate their ways of life. Thus, TVs have in general changed the course of society, whether in developed or developing nations. Read More
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Why Watching TV Is Good Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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