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Personal Media - Essay Example

This "Personal media" essay describes the connection between media we choose and our personality. On a daily basis, the program I watch and the websites I visit have proven that no form of knowledge acquired is ever useless. The kind of content that I am often drawn to is one in which no holds are barred. Today the complete works of William Shakespeare may catch my fancy; tomorrow, the world of geology may have succeeded in catching my fancy. One of the most beneficial sides to the desire to know more is that one can never really know too much. Personally, at some points, I may be tired of knowing because, at this point, my mental faculty may be stuck. Even at that point, for such information-addicts like me, the only prim and proper solution to it is probably by reading a magical realist novel like Harry Porter. In some cases, I play games that have a lot of intellectual teasers. On the whole, my inventory reinforces the fact that the media can provide whatsoever one desires to get from it. In fact, the media provides almost all that humans need for survival, either for leisure or for work. All one needs to do is carefully choose programs that will help one achieve whatsoever one’s intention is. Personally, I think that the media will break into more fronts particularly with the daily advancement in technology. It is almost unarguable that the best thing that has ever happened to humanity is the internet. Of course, the internet is a child of technological advancement. Indeed, the internet

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It is safe to say that for most part, technology has affected the lives of people for the better by not only facilitating us but by also bringing us closer together than ever before. Every person in the age that I was born in used to write letters to each other prior to the introduction of enthralling communication technologies like telegraph, telephone, or e-mail.
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Changes in media and its effects on personal, social and work lives
For starters, we did not have the means to receive instant information, as is the case today. When we received news, especially in the forties, most of it tended to be weeks old. The only current news that we were able to receive at the time was local news, and the main means of receiving it was by radio.
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Personal Computers
The digital age has transformed the world. Personal computers, in particular, have changed the way people live, think, and respond to situations. It has changed the system of education, the healthcare system, the mode of communication and
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Media Ethic personal statement
ime though, I learned that the responsibility of a person working in the field of informative mass media is a much higher and all - important calling than being a doctor. That is because as a media practitioner, I carry the whole weight of the worlds events on my shoulders. The
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Personal statement media
That is the idea behind great media; people sharing great stories with others through television, film, print, radio and the internet. The thought of presenting my
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Personal Media Diary
In contemporary society, media plays a major role in shaping the social life since most people rely on it to make friend and keep in touch with friends and family (Rahman, Hani, Abdin, Mahmud, & Rosli, Web). As a journalism student, the way
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Project proposal and outlineHow social media, Web sharing, and/or similar trends on the Internet will affect social and personal behaviors
This can be a reason, of the great convenience it provides to the people to communicate. However, it has been observed that the ‘social networking sites’ have been imposing huge impact on the behavioral patterns of individuals (Attia et al., 2012; Ahmad, 2011). A
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Personal narrative about social media impacted your life
This was not my first time in the world of social sites because I could access the sites using the laptop but the Smartphone is easily portable and easy to access. The use of the social media has become an important source of
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New Media Power: The Internet and Global Activism
The globalization associated ethics inherent in the existent mass media monopolies have in a way derogated the mass media to be an instrument of commercial arbitration and dissemination of content, which is largely responsible for motivating the alternative
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Personal Media Inventory
According to the report mediums of communication indicated in the directory include television, newspaper, magazines, movies, cellular telephones and the internet. A television is a system which transmits visual images to the viewers. These are accompanied by audio information. Television images are reproduced on screens.
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is yet just a tip of the iceberg. The growth in technology, no doubt, has bolstered by sense of self. Like never before, I now believe that there is a chance for me to know more than never before. New technologies have opened a completely new world of knowledge acquisition. With the way things are, there are really no more secrets on the face of the earth that humans with the aid of technology cannot unravel. Technology has made it possible for humans to unravel mysteries and solve problems that seemed complex for people that lived through the ancient ages. Perchance one of the most important benefits of new technologies in media is that it has taken my sense of self-worth and my social standing a notch higher. For instance, in the midst of friends, if the topic of discussion is gadgets, I will be able to add invaluable contributions. This has, more than anything else, proven that ours is indeed the information age. It is important that to mention that ours is an age of gadgets. Adding to feathers to my social standing, not only have I been able to read about gadgets, I have also been able to personally use a number of them. With the aid of technology, I have been able to benefit hugely from the media, particularly when I am on the move. It is a well-known and widely acknowledged fact that media plays a central role in the daily lives of people of the 21st century. Like everything in this age, media is also affected by the technology. Even though there may be some downturns that result from the advancements the world is undergoing, one can


This essay outlines how choose of media can describe a personality. There are a number of yardsticks that can be used to determine who anyone really is; one of them is what fascinates them in the media. The media is so powerful that it can never be pushed aside…
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