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Media Effects and Moral Panics - Article Example

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The primary idea of this paper “Media Effects and Moral Panics” is to depict how violence has a negative impact on the youth in the form of “moral panic. Moral panic becomes an issue when the observational learning experience goes on to become a direct threat to social ethics and well being of a society…
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Media Effects and Moral Panics
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Extract of sample "Media Effects and Moral Panics"

Download file to see previous pages Moral panics are a condition, an episode in which a person of a group of persons emerge and come out as a defined threat to the values and interests of the society at large. (Cohen, 1972, p9). Moral panics occur mostly in times when the society is unable to cope up with the change and when the change brings about a fear of loss of control within the realms of the social structure. This trend was particularly evident during the 1960s. That was when society experienced many modernizing trends, for instance, the sexual revolution. When events such as that took place during the 1960s are replicated, they arouse a growing concern that moral standards are declining and entire generations are demeaning and comprising on the society’s moral structure.
There have many such cases in which young people have been associated with murder and killing cases. Interestingly, the victims have also been young people or white skinned females. Such murders have given rise to a lot of media sensationalism. The killing in itself was a result of the media projection of violent images in the first place in a lot of cases. However, today abduction by strangers is decreasing but abduction by family members and friends is increasing than ever before.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Media Effects and Moral Panics Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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