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Biological Evolution and Mathematics - Research Paper Example

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The author concludes that there is an avalanche of theoretical evidence to support the position that mathematics is a creation of an evolved human mind. While it is not possible to prove this paper’s position, a literary elucidation should be sufficient to convince the thinking rationale man …
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Biological Evolution and Mathematics
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Extract of sample "Biological Evolution and Mathematics"

Download file to see previous pages “A nobleman wanted to shoot down a crow that had built its nest atop a tower on his domain. However, whenever he approached the tower, the bird flew out of gun range and waited until the man departed. As soon as he left, it returned to its nest. The man decided to ask a neighbor for help. The two hunters entered the tower together, and later only one of them came out. But the crow did not fall into this trap and carefully waited for the second man to come out before returning. Neither did three, then four, the five men fool the clever bird. Each time, the crow would wait until all the hunters had departed. Eventually, the hunters came as a party of six. When five of them had left the tower, the bird not so numerate, after all, confidently came back and was shot down by the sixth hunter” (Dehaene, 1997, p. 13). 
From the foregoing anecdote borrowed from Dehaene (1997), the moral is that - had the bird known how to count at least until six, it would have survived the trap prepared by the nobleman. Accordingly, smarter crows would have evolved which are capable of recognizing numbers larger than five. Dehaene affirmed that the evolution of mathematics and the whole body of knowledge attributed to it is thoroughly studied and evidenced throughout its long history. But mathematics, according to Dehaene is not a rigid body of knowledge where its forms and concepts “and even its modes of reasoning have evolved over the course of many generations” (p. 246). 
A similar belief was maintained by Steiner (1998) who claimed that evolution encompasses not only the biological sphere but the entire universe and that the laws of evolution function everywhere in the universe governing even the evolution of the mind.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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