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This paper "Barclays Premier League and Manchester United" undertakes a strategic analysis of Manchester United in the Barclays Premier League that will utilize analytical tools to equate conditions in the market environment for that club and the league itself…
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Download file to see previous pages An analysis of the environment in which the Barclays Premier League and Manchester United operate aids in an understanding of the external forces impacting and affecting it (CIPD, 2008). A PESTLE Analysis is utilized as a tool for gleaning and understanding of the large picture in terms of the arena a business operates in (CIPD, 2008). The following will look into the Barclays Premier League and Manchester United from this standpoint. As the foregoing term is critical to this examination, it shall be explained in conjunction with the analysis. Political - This looks at what is occurring politically in the organization’s environment as represented by tax policy, political stability, reforms, and other factors impacting the manner in which an organization operates. Barclays Premier League- Organised in the United Kingdom, the Barclays Premier League operates under a stable government, with policies, tax laws and related facets as long-standing and known areas. The political stability of the government, as well as its international standing, has aided in the reputation of the league. Operating in the environment of the United Kingdom, Manchester United enjoys the political stability of the Barclays Premier League thus benefiting the club as well. As it competes against other English clubs the overall environment aids in its external reputation. Economic- The direction and nuances of the economy with respect to growth, inflation, consumer income, cost of living standards, unemployment and other factors that in this case would impact game attendance and merchandise purchases of a football club. Barclays Premier League -The strength of the British economy that is tied to the European Union that provides its citizens with a strong economic base. This stability permits them to purchase tickets to attend games and pursue the sport via a well-developed broadcast network, as well as soccer, is the sport popularized by the British, tracing its beginnings to ancient China and then Greece (Shepard, 2008, P. 29). Through marketing and promotion, the Barclays Premier League generated revenues in excess of £1.8 billion (, 2008). Manchester United- The club generated £256 million in revenues for the 2009 season that represented a 22% increase over the previous year that was in part aided by £90 million in broadcast receipts from television rights (, 2009). Sociological- This aspect of a PESTLE analysis in this context looks at cultural norms, the social markup of the market. Barclays Premier League- As the UK’s most popular sport, the Barclays Premier League primarily appeals to males and has a global audience that views the sport in over 200 countries, representing a viewing audience in excess of 4.5 billion (, 2009). Manchester United - With a global fan base that is over 300 million, Manchester United is one of the most successful sporting teams in the world. Its social impact reaches worldwide in terms of impact, influence and merchandise sales. Technological - This segment can impact organization, particularly sports, in the manner in which the games are made available to the public in terms of mediums, along with other advances in screening games, breaking down team plays and athlete tendencies, etc. Barclays Premier League - Advances in computer-aided game enhancements have helped to improve the entertainment value of the sport as a result of statistics, freeze frames, instant replays and other advances that help to break down the game for viewers in every aspect (Telegraph, 2009). These advances, that include Internet-based applications and broadcast highlights that have heightened the entertainment value. Manchester United - The aforementioned technological advances are available to all pro teams, thus this does not represent a particular advantage, except Manchester United’s fan base makes it noteworthy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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