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FA Premier League Survey - Assignment Example

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The paper "FA Premier League Survey" discusses that Manchester United needs to put more emphasis on its e-marketing techniques as a good number of respondents said that they’ve never visited the internet site. There were matching numbers of respondents who appreciated the efforts of Man Utd…
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FA Premier League Survey
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Extract of sample "FA Premier League Survey"

The saving grace for Man Utd was that it stood tall amongst other competitor clubs as far as the responses regarding most professional clubs are concerned. 35% of respondents pointed it out as the better-managed clubs while the second slot went to Liverpool with 22.5%. Arsenal came at third place but Chelsa's coming even after 'other clubs' was a sad commentary on the infighting that goes on within the clubs, nowadays. The battle for managing the better teams often proves to be more competitive than even the game of football.
People appeared to follow the activities of clubs and teams and their preparations for the forthcoming Premier League commencing in August 2007. Once again Man Utd appeared favorites to win the league, while surprisingly, Chelsa, which the respondents marked as the least professionally managed team emerged as the second favorite. This could be because of the inclusion of some new and promising names in the recent past.
Amongst the players, Christiano Ronaldo emerged as the favorite to make a mark in the league. He might prove to be the reason for the celebration of his club. These are the days of brand equity and brand building. At times players appear busier outside the field, promoting the products and inaugurating showrooms than playing football. Clubs also try to encash this very brand equity. A 'star' player gives them a better opportunity to sell off shirts and attracting people to watching the matches, which would eventually help in increasing the turnover of the club.
Though football fans appeared a bit uncomfortable with lack of proper encouragement to football, yet most of them appeared full of enthusiasm when the game is on. There is a big number who watches more than 21 matches during the league. There are proportionately equal numbers of people who watch 11-15 matches during the tournament. But around 20% of people also stated that they seldom watch the matches, that should be the cause of worry for football management in the country.
E-business seems to be the favorite of most of the football fans because around 45% of people prefer to purchase the tickets for the game through the Internet. But there are still around 25% of people who prefer to take tickets from the booking offices in stadiums. This shows that people still like to feel the ambience of football even during the purchase of tickets. The managers of football must encourage more such visits and programs to the real football stadium, instead of dissuading them from such visits. At times, the visitor feels put-off by the manner in which some of the facilities are organized at the stadium. For example, if the visitor is provided with a proper parking space, with shops selling snacks etc. so that the day out proves to be very picnics like for the visitor and families. Man Utd has taken pains in organizing such facilities at the stadium managed by the company and some other location, which proved to be helpful for the company and football.
Q. 10
Manchester United needs to put more emphasis on its e-marketing techniques as a good number of respondents said that they've never visited the internet site of Man Utd. Well, there were matching numbers of respondents who appreciated the efforts of Man Utd in sprucing up its online retail efforts and who visited the site 15-20 times. Read More
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