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This exploration into ‘if marketing can promote sustainable consumption’ represented delving into an examination of terms (sustainable and consumption), along with the marketing methods. The realities of finite resources have made sustainable consumption an area that affects all of the people on the planet…
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Download file to see previous pages As sustainability is an integral part of this study, an explanation of what it means is critical to understanding its meaning in the context of sustainable consumption. Boudreau and Ramstad (2005) describe sustainability, in terms of the subject matter of this study, as the endurance of processes and systems to maintain themselves from renewable materials and processes or those that have a minimum environmental impact. This means that the more than products, food, and other areas incorporate ingredients or components that can be replenished using a minimum footprint in terms of energy use and waste in their production, the more they qualify as sustainable items (Boudreau and Ramstad, 2005).  Tabara and Pahl-Wostl (2007) further elaborate by adding that sustainability considers ways of reducing and minimizing negative human impacts from an environmental, chemical use in production or growing processes through the use of resources management. Sustainability also includes using new approaches and considerations in the design, production and end-use considerations regardless of whether they are edible or used for products (Glavic and Lukman, 2007). It means that it considers transport considerations as a factor in reducing energy aspects (Glavic and Lukman, 2007). All of the areas mentioned above fall under what is termed as ethical consumerism which also goes by a number of names such as ethical consumption, ethical purchasing, ethical sourcing and green consumerism (Wheale, 2007). In explaining this further, Flatters and Willmott (2009) explain that it represents a form of consumer activism that has as its goals products and services that are made of better quality or last longer, are safer, and are developed considering environmentally-friendly considerations. The understanding that the planet has finite resources has caused a major shift in developed countries toward increased recognition and promotion of sustainability in all forms of design, manufacturing, and disposal of waste aspects (Wheale, 2007). Whilst the term consumption is well known, it is felt that the subject matter of this study means this word should be explained in order to ensure absolute clarity. Fiorito and Kollintzas (2004) state that consumption represents eating of drinking, or use of an item that can be energy-based. Lee and Chang (2007) define consumption from an economic sense that represents a closer approximation to the subject matter. They state that in the economic context it refers to goods or services used by consumers and businesses (Lee and Chang, 2007). The mainstream understanding considers the act of consumption as the final activity in a chain of events (Fiorito and Kollintzas, 2004). The above exploration of sustainability and consumption has been engaged in to provide some background and explanation regarding the subject of sustainable consumption use by marketers that will be further developed herein. It will delve into the differing approaches and methods that are or can be utilized to promote sustainable consumption and evaluate their effectiveness or applicability. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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