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Customer Perception at Holiday Inn High Wycombe - Research Paper Example

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This study will undertake to examine the customer perceptions of the High Wycombe Holiday Inn to gauge its rating, with the tools and methods for this study being detailed herein, and the results indicating the hotel is being managed and run at a level that exceeds customer expectations in most areas…
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Extract of sample "Customer Perception at Holiday Inn High Wycombe"

Download file to see previous pages In equating perception in tourism, customer satisfaction rates as the highest area in that it represents the total “… experience which comprises a combination of all the service elements that the tourist consumes from the time they leave home to the time of return” (Jafari, 2000, p. 145). Lang (2001) brings home that same point, but in a different manner. He states that “Much of the intangible value of a hotel, i.e., … (lies in) … management’s operational experience, employees and training, marketing and communication skills, intellectual property … (and) … the effect of an impact those factors have on customers and guests …” (Lang, 2001). Customer satisfaction is a factor of the training, commitment and service of its employees as the face of a hotel, not its furniture, design, trappings, and amenities (Creating Loyalty, 2008). The preceding thus forms the focus of this study is customer perceptions of a hotel are shaped by its service. In line with this, the hypothesis represents a determination of customer satisfaction through an analysis of customer perceptions of the High Wycombe Hotel. The foundation for the preceding as the basis for this study is that customer satisfaction ranks as the one and probably the most important business process (100, 2008). Such being the case that makes it a yardstick by which all businesses are measured, and thus a key identifier of performance. An article was written by Singh (2006) titled “The Importance of Customer Satisfaction in Relation to Customer Loyalty and Retention” underscores this approach as is a foundation of good business and profitability. Gokey (2002) concurs with the preceding as he tells us that customers are the reason an enterprise is in business. This is true for vehicles, electronics, airlines, banking, restaurants, and any other business type or industry one might think of. John (2003, p. 7) aids us in understanding the importance of customer satisfaction in that “Customers look for convenience, cost, and quality of the total experience. The service-oriented firm concentrates on the capabilities of employees and not just on the technology or the tangible features of the product.” In fact, the title of a book by Johnson and Gustafsson (2000, p. 2) “Improving Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Profit: An Integrated Measurement and Management System” puts the entire foundation of this study into focus, as “Satisfying and keeping customers, it was argued, is simply less expensive than constantly replacing them”. In order to equate the focus and hypothesis of this study, which have been identified respectively as ‘are customer perceptions of a hotel shaped by its service’, and ‘a determination of customer satisfaction through an analysis of customer perceptions of the High Wycombe Hotel’, the methodology represented the use of secondary as well as primary research, with the latter in the form of a questionnaire distributed to the staff members of the High Wycombe Holiday Inn. The preceding was selected as it afforded the opportunity to use qualitative and quantitative research in as well as inductive and deductive research that are inherent in both research processes, primary and secondary. Secondary research entails the use of books, journals, newspapers and Internet sources that provide a valuable cross-section of a broad variety of information that permits a balanced view to be formed (Newman and Benz, 1998, p. 10). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Customer Perception at Holiday Inn High Wycombe Research Paper.
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