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Technical Marketing in Engineering - Research Paper Example

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This paper will give a feasibility report of technical marketing which is in the field of technology and engineering. As such, the paper "Technical Marketing in Engineering" will discuss the aspects and perspectives of the professional career in the technical marketing…
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Technical Marketing in Engineering
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Extract of sample "Technical Marketing in Engineering"

 Feasibility Report of career choice
The disadvantages are present in the aerospace, defense-related and any other goods producing companies have reduced job opportunities for many individuals in today’s science and technology graduates. With all the exceptions in the technology, the employment in all the technology sectors will rise to new rates ranging from average to below average. In other special occasions, employment may decline. This paper will give a feasibility report of technical marketing which is in the field of technology and engineering (Kutay, and Susan, 111).
With the availability of bleak employment prospects, the new graduates may choose to indulge in to alternative careers in that they are able to apply their technical training. An attractive field that makes combination of science and engineering expertise with people’s skills is that of a sales engineer. A sales engineer is a person who is professionally trained to market and sell highly technical products and services.
With the field of technical marketing in place, there is high demand of sales engineers with the description of abnormal increases in employment as stated by the U.S. Department of Labor. From the lists provided for the recent graduates for a position of technical marketing by several companies.
Before every detail is put down, there is a question to deal with. What particular work do specialized advertisers perform? It is a good question to get everything started. Technical marketers sell products in that the product’s installation and optimal use needs great handle from experts. In addition, they give information about the firm’s products, help the future and probable customers with their technical problems. Make design plans for the proposed machinery layouts, give an estimation on the cost savings, give recommendations on the improved materials and machinery and lastly make suggestions on the training schedules provided for the employees (Nitto, 324).
For the undergraduates in the market, there are several questions that they need to ask and answer. These questions include:
• Is this the right vocation for me?
• If yes, how to enter the field?
In answering these questions, this report gives an analytical review of information acquired from certain professionals as well as from literature. The following analysis gives an examination in the field’s employment outlook, the required and available skills and personal qualities, the career benefits and the disadvantages and certain entry options.
The Key Factors in a Technical Marketing Career
If someone takes technical marketing into consideration, he must assess if the career suits his/her interests, aspirations and abilities (Howell, 202).
Regardless of the way that promoting and deals are utilized reciprocally, the specialized showcasing is included with more deal lives up to expectations. The process of technical marketing (identifying, reaching and selling customers) is involved with six main activities.
The principal movement is promoting exploration which includes gaining data on the size and characteristic of the target market for the item. The second activity is the development and management of products in that it involves production of goods to satisfy the market needs. The third activity is cost determination and pricing in that every expense in production, distribution and sales of the product is measured to define its price.
The fourth activity is advertising and promotion where all the strategies for reaching customers are developed and implemented. The fifth activity is product distribution where coordination of all elements of a particular technical product or service is involved from the conception through the final delivery to the customer. The last activity is sales and technical support where creation and maintenance of customer accounts and service to product upgrading is done (Glenn, 230).
Those graduates who have the right of combining technical marketing and personal qualifications have an advantage of having an excellent employment outlook. As the engineering jobs barely increase at a rate one half the average growth rate for the jobs needing a bachelor’s degree, the jobs available as marketing will be more than the growth rate. Despite the fact that these marketing positions are
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