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The challenge of differentiation and integration - Assignment Example

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Whilst specialization tends to separate people within their respective jobs in an organization, coordination ensures that they are brought back…
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The challenge of differentiation and integration
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Extract of sample "The challenge of differentiation and integration"

The Challenge of Differentiation and Integration In any given organization, coordination is a fundamental ingredient with regards to division of work as well as specialization. Whilst specialization tends to separate people within their respective jobs in an organization, coordination ensures that they are brought back together with the aim of achieving the goals of the organization. Thus, it is a necessity for an organization to excogitate ways of dividing up the tasks necessary for achieving its main purpose without necessarily compromising on the overall coordination and integration. Differentiation and integration is a common duality that occurs in organizations as they endeavor to organize their activities. It is a formidable challenge in most organizations. This paper looks at the challenge of differentiation with specific reference to Google.
Founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998, Google has grown to become a big company with over 12,000 employees. Google operates an intricate network of activities in various locations globally. It has established offices in various locations including in states such as California, Illinois, New York, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Washington, DC, Oregon, Michigan and South Carolina. Google has also established various international offices in locations such as the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia. As such, differentiation and integration becomes an imperative challenge to Google.
Differentiation refers to the process by which an organization separates itself into various key components (Lawrence, and Lorsch 3). It is a common phenomenon among large organizations. Consequently, as an organization grows larger and expands its activities further, the more differentiated it becomes. Be that as it may, as an organization becomes more differentiated, the various components become more independent as they are conferred with a great deal of autonomy. Therefore, the business culture of such an organization may significantly differ as you move from one component to another.
Differentiation is usually done based on varied premises. For example, an organization may decide to differentiate basing on the tasks or on the product offering. In this regards, an organization may opt to divide into departments that produce a given product and establish finance and marketing department for each of the differentiated product. Google has been differentiated into different departments including Information Technology, Engineering, Support, People Operations, Knowledge, Advertising, Technical Infrastructure, Mobile and Digital Content, Geo and Commerce, Communication and Public Policy, YouTube and Video, among others. This is a clear indication
On the other hand, integration refers to the process by which organizations work together different components (Lawrence, and Lorsch 3-4). Notwithstanding the fact that an organization may have different divisions, the divisions may be closely connected such that they tend not to be independent. Nonetheless, inter-departmental coordination is a crux for the success of any given organization.
Google has embraced integration in its activities. As such, various differentiated tasks and sections within Google are interconnected. The engineering department for instance, works hand in hand with Technical Infrastructure as well as the Information Technology. In establishing plans and budgets, each department in Google considers the overall picture of the entire organization in mind. Conversely, when the overall organization is creating its plans and budgets, the various departments within the organization are put into consideration. This depicts a high level of integration within Google.
It can therefore be concluded that differentiation and integration is substantial component when it comes to enhancing coordination within an organization. Even though differentiation tends to complicate effective coordination, integration perpetuates connectedness among the various divisions in an organization as evident in Google.
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