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The Situation of Markets for Alcoholic Beverages in the UK - Research Proposal Example

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This paper "The Situation of Markets for Alcoholic Beverages in the UK" describes the beer market in the UK, a situation audit, focusing on the female market. From this work, it is obvious that the target base of the customers has to be made to the middle class and upper-middle-class women in order to fetch a high-profit margin and also dominate the market…
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The Situation of Markets for Alcoholic Beverages in the UK
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Extract of sample "The Situation of Markets for Alcoholic Beverages in the UK"

Download file to see previous pages Spokesman of Molson Coors stated that “We have conducted a full review of the performance of Animee Beer and have taken the decision to exit this brand from the market in line with key customer range reviews” (Degun, 2012). One of the reasons for the failure of the beer sales in the market has been provided by the analysts who state that there is no necessity of producing beer for women but it is necessary to make beer more accessible to the women in general. Thus it can be stated that there are various potential reasons and influences which are responsible for the improper functioning of this beer brand and ultimately leading to the exit from the market.
In this paper, the target will be directed towards analyzing the marketing environment of this beer brand along with the provision of a full actionable situation audit including various relevant environmental influences. Above all, the research will be based on the UK take home and out of markets associated with alcoholic beverages primarily focusing on the female consumer market. In the course of analysis, well-known marketing tools will be used to deliver a more robust picture of the paper.
Before moving into the description, a brief idea about situation analysis is required to be mentioned. Situation analysis is basically a synopsis as well as evaluation of an organization’s or a product’s current situation, opportunities and problems. The chief objective of the audit is targeted for helping the stakeholders prepare the problem definition and related subsequent steps in the problem-solving process. The emphasis is entailed on analysis, diagnosis as well as interpretation of the situation. SWOT analysis is a useful tool in the situation analysis which helps to grasp the current situation with the environmental influences and accordingly plan strategies to make useful strategies that are profitable to the organization (Bhatnagar, n.d., p.237). The SWOT analysis will provide a clear idea about the current situation of the product in concern.
The beer market is indeed a booming market in the United Kingdom. Molson Coors which is the originator of the Animee beer has been dominating the UK beer market. But its recent venture of Animee Beer has been a failure due to loopholes in tastes, packaging, and customer target as well as in mal propaganda. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(The Situation of Markets for Alcoholic Beverages in the UK Research Proposal, n.d.)
The Situation of Markets for Alcoholic Beverages in the UK Research Proposal.
(The Situation of Markets for Alcoholic Beverages in the UK Research Proposal)
The Situation of Markets for Alcoholic Beverages in the UK Research Proposal.
“The Situation of Markets for Alcoholic Beverages in the UK Research Proposal”.
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