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International Services Marketing - Article Example

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This essay describes the domain of services rendered by Infosys Technologies, a business service company encompasses a wide range of options ranging from consulting, outsourcing of business processes, providing needed solutions to industry and information technology…
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Download file to see previous pages Business Service companies like Infosys Technologies are increasingly availing the services of both offshore and outsource call centers to render effective services to the clients based on an international scale. Research made states that customers belonging to a particular geographical region generally adored the services of those customer service representatives who belonged to the same region. The customers reflected an affinity for the services of those service representatives pertaining to rendering effective solutions to business problems in mainly two cases. Firstly, as mentioned, the representatives should belong to the same geographical area as the customers to understand the latter in a better way. Secondly, the customers were also observed to consider the solutions of those representatives more effectively and they were hired by the business service company itself rather than being outsourced. The business service company often tends to conceal the location information of their service representatives through codification. However, with regard to the second option, the customers reflected that the ‘customer service representatives’ working inside the company periphery are better managed and controlled. This also shows that the business service company can also develop the service parameters of the representatives through the process of training and performance management activities. The training functions help in the development of performances of the representatives so that they render better services to the large number of customers (Bharadwaj & Roggeveen, 2006, pp.20-21). The Business Services Company, Infosys Technologies is looking forward to launching offshore call centers operations in other countries of the world like China, Canada and Mexican regions. The management of the company views the opening up of offshore units as a strategic driver for the company.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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