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Marketing Financial Services: HSBC - Dissertation Example

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The research paper “Marketing Financial Services: HSBC” seeks to evaluate the banking brand in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa. Until 1990’s the group was regarded as Hong Kong’s biggest financial institution…
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Marketing Financial Services: HSBC
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Extract of sample "Marketing Financial Services: HSBC"

Download file to see previous pages HSBC provides a comprehensive range of financial services to around 100 million customers through four customer groups and global businesses: Personal Financial Services (including consumer finance); Commercial Banking; Global Banking and Markets; and Private Banking (FEI). The assignment is aimed at highlighting and evaluating the marketing strategies adopted by HSBC
Political Economic Social Technological, Environmental and Legal Analysis (PESTEL): This section of the report will present an overview of the macro-environmental factors impacting the organization and will facilitate the subsequent discussion on the marketing strategies of HSBC (Meek and Meek 2004).
• Disturbance in the political and economic environment in the international markets, in the shape of civil unrest and unstable governments, creates a daunting effect on consumer confidence resulting in the shape of reduced spending. This creates a cyclical effect on the demands for goods and hence resulting in the shape of reduced economic activity. Demand can also be slashed due to the boycott of products resulting through religious or political activism. There are also possibilities of the imposition of regulations to restrict the cross-border transfer of all the non-current assets i.e. capital and earnings can also negatively affect the profitability of Multinational Corporations.
• Like all the other economies of the world, the economic position in the UK became worst in 2008. The personal sector is in retreat since mid-2008. The two consumer spending and public sectors have relied heavily on borrowings. The investments have subdued, and growth is struggling. The cost of living has risen due to the soaring oil prices. The CPI was recorded as 3.4% in March 2010. UK economy has shown weakest economic performance in the post-1945 era. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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