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Status Consumption of a Specific Brand - Coursework Example

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The paper "Status Consumption of a Specific Brand" discusses that choice of clothing should be very integral for them because as the saying goes, “you are addressed by how you are dressed.” Again, clothes are easily noticed because apart from one's skin, the largest layer on the body is cloths…
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Status Consumption of a Specific Brand
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Extract of sample "Status Consumption of a Specific Brand"

Download file to see previous pages Some people actually believe that real success in life has to do with the attainment of status. Regrettably, though, Waytz (2009) observes that the eagerness to acquire social status leads to aggressive and self-defeating behaviour. However, once achieved, becoming a person of status or class live its ‘benefactors’ with conventional ways of life. One of these conventional ways of life has to do with what these people with social status consume: thus status consumption. As there becomes a pedigree of standard placed on the kind of purchases people with status consume, marketing as an industry also become a benefactor if well harnessed with status consumption (Haruna, 2003).
Schertz et al (2007) argue that status consumption has to do with the “intent of showing off wealth to others when the good is publicly consumed – ranging from applying an expensive lipstick in public to driving an expensive car” (p. 2). Also referred in some quarters as conspicuous consumption, Farrell (2004) notes that the modern society has become a horde for conspicuous consumption with an average cost of over $1,000 per couple spent on limousines, hotel suites, formal wear and so on (Schertz et al 2007, p.2). From the definitions, it can be explained that status consumption has to do with the deliberate attempt to live within certain standards in other to attract public attention. These standards, when influenced by the purchasing of products that are publicly consumed constitute status consumption.
As Maiese (2004), notes in Harold (1983, 113), there could be several reasons accounting for why people would consume conspicuously but the most outstanding reason could be due to the fact that “ most societies do have some form of social hierarchy with some people in stronger, more dominant positions, and other people in weaker, lower positions. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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